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Online Spell Check and Grammar Checker Tool

Spellcheck.net's free grammar and spell checker is powered with the WebSpellChecker Server application developed by WebSpellChecker.net company. It provides English spelling and grammar checker tabs to correct your mistakes, plus an additional thesaurus tab to help you find synonyms (if, for example, you're a writer or journalist and you want to make your text richer). For dozens of other (non-English) languages (which can be selected using the appropriate link above the text form) our tool provides spell checking functionality without a grammar check.

What is a spell checker?

A spell checker is a software facility that highlights misspelled words in a text and suggests correct words to fix these misspellings. The first spell-check system was developed by a group of six linguists from Georgetown University in the late 1970s for the mainframe computers produced by the IBM Corporation.

How do I use your online spellchecker on my computer?

If you know how to copy and paste text (for example, in Microsoft Word), you basically know how to use our online spelling checker tool. After you've copied your text, paste it into the box near the top of the screen and click on "Spell Check." A pop-up dialogue box with your original text will appear. If it doesn't appear, check that your browser allows pop-ups from Spellcheck.net. Errors will now be highlighted in red and in the lower part of the pop-up box, you'll find a drop-down menu with a list of suggested words. The shaded word is the most likely option to fix your spelling error. Choose the correct word that you want and select "Change" or "Change All" to have your spelling corrected. If necessary, you may also choose "Ignore" or "Ignore All." You can customize your experience by clicking the "Options" button. From there, you can tell it to ignore words that are in mixed case or all capitals. You can also choose to ignore words that include numbers or to ignore domain names. You can even create your own custom dictionary, if necessary. When you’ve checked your text, just click the "Finish Checking" button to complete your session.

Spell check window

A dictionary to help with your writing

At the right sidebar of the Spellcheck.net website, you'll find a search form. If you are uncertain about whether you are using the correct word or not, you can submit it to the search form to check its definition, possible misspellings or typos, acronyms, translations, pronunciation, rhymes, and other useful information.

What are the Online Spell Checkers for English?

There are few other online spellcheck tools that we may recommend if you don't like our tool for some reason.

  1. Grammarly – the best free grammar checker on the Internet. It also has a paid subscription option.
  2. Reverso – a free grammar and spelling checker tool for English texts, powered by Ginger Software.
  3. Online-spellcheck.com - allows you to spell check URLs, uploaded files or documents from your Cloud storage.