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Correct spelling: Justina

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  1. Then the lady looked as if she had begun to wonder, too, and she seemed to be looking away off; away off, but how closely she held Bessie Bell's hand- closer than Sister Angela, or Sister Theckla, or even Sister Helen Vincula, or Sister Justina Then Bessie Bell began to wonder still more, and to remember, as the lady held fast to her little fingers. – Somebody's Little Girl by Martha Young
  2. And it was Sister Justina and not Sister Helen Vincula, who had told her to be ashamed when she had cried: Pretty! – Somebody's Little Girl by Martha Young
  3. She forgot after awhile how she had been so full of sorrow when Sister Justina said, Be Ashamed, and she could no longer remember why she was glad; only a feeling of both was left- and she could not tell how or why. – Somebody's Little Girl by Martha Young