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  1. A " Bandwagon Effect" is a most common phenomenon wherein the rate of uptake of any beliefs and misbeliefs increases the more that those have already been adopted by others in the society. Shallow people will get carried away by what others do, and will always hop on the bandwagon. You mustn't get swayed by what others do or tell you to do, and mustn't jump on the bandwagon. You must stand with your own values, confidently, and without fluttering, even though you have to stand alone - because you are the Gold, and the Gold must maintain her Color, Character and Charisma that set the highest standards for others.
  2. A " Beauty" is neither in the alluring attractive face nor in the glamorous gorgeous body. It is the Divine Light in the Heart that illuminates and makes our world Beautiful.
  3. A " Comfort Zone" represents status quo, in my honest view, like the stagnant dark water in a pond that often seems so difficult to come out of. Yet you have to step outside your comfort zone, and cross the boundaries to better yourself, and be the best. Only by stepping outside the realm of your comfort zone, you will be able to explore new oceans, and offer your best, something far more superior and beatiful than ever before, to illuminate the world..... like the amazing brilliance and beautiful brightness of a supernova, or a shooting star or even a meteor as they leave their comfort zone and enter into new territories. Strive to re-invent and renew yourself at every stage in life, just like Madonna has done for years, and you will discover your new strengths, awesome powers and asounding beauty that were never there before. Dare to step outside your comfort zone, because that's exactly where the real life begins. Get a Life, my friend.
  4. A " critic" is a man who creates nothing ...
  5. A " morning after" confrontation with the harsh daily reality can painfully destroy an erroneous understanding of an experience. Today may be beautiful, but tomorrow is another day and may have a different tint. ( " Morning after" )

What are the translations for A?

Afrikaans words for A

’n, per, hê.

Albanian word for A


Catalan words for A

un, una.

Czech words for A

jeden, nějaký, po, za.

Danish words for A

en, et, om, på.

Dutch words for A

een, een zekere, ene, hé.

Finnish words for A

eräs, muuan, muudan.

French words for A

par, une.

German words for A

in, ein, eine, pro, um.

Greek words for A

ένα, ένας, μια.

Hawaiian word for A


Hungarian word for A


Italian words for A

un’, uno.

Norwegian word for A


Papiamento word for A


Portuguese words for A

por, uma.

Swedish word for A


Tagalog word for A


Thai word for A


Turkish word for A