How To Spell abash?

Correct spelling: abash

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This graph shows how "abash" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for abash?

  1. In the shade it sings and springs; in the shine such foam- bows flash On the horses with curling fish- tails, that prance and paddle and pash Round the lady atop in the conch- fifty gazers do not abash Though all that she wears is some weeds round her waist in a sort of a sash! – Hospital Sketches by Robert Swain Peabody

What are the rhymes for abash?

  1. asche, nash, ashe, crash, dasch, flash, kash, rash, tash, gash, dash, trash, basch, splash, smash, stash, thrash, mash, cash, lash, gnash, brash, pash, clash, ash, hash, asch, slash, bash, sash;
  2. rehash, cache;

What are the translations for abash?

Chinese words for Abash

abaser, abash.

French word for Abash

rendre confus.

Greek word for Abash


Italian word for Abash


Marathi word for Abash


Russian word for Abash


Ukrainian word for Abash


Vietnamese word for Abash

lúng túng.