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How To Spell abate?

Correct spelling: abate

Definition of abate:

  1. make less active or intense

List of misspellings for abate:

  • ababy,
  • obaut,
  • amater,
  • abart,
  • abillaty,
  • aboart,
  • abovwe,
  • ebeauty,
  • awhite,
  • abitel,
  • ocate,
  • ahade,
  • abaut,
  • abilite,
  • obame,
  • sabatoer,
  • obtan,
  • abote,
  • aable,
  • atate,
  • abobe,
  • adeuate,
  • abute,
  • arriate,
  • arate,
  • abeit,
  • abouto,
  • labatt,
  • aphabet,
  • abouet,
  • abowt,
  • abolute,
  • avater,
  • abboard,
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  • oboute,
  • aboyt,
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  • abaid,
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  • attibute,
  • ebtter,
  • sabatour,
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  • sabateour.

What does the abbreviation abate mean?

Related words for abate

Castelsardo Cathedral


Catholic church in Castelsardo, Italy

Castelsardo Cathedral is a cathedral in Castelsardo, northern Sardinia, Italy, and is dedicated to Saint Anthony the Great. It became the seat of the bishop of Ampurias in 1503.

Elpidius the Cappadocian



Saint Elpidius the Cappadocian was an abbot and saint of Asia Minor. Tradition states that he lived in a cave in Cappadocia for twenty-five years. Disciples, such as Eustace and Ennesius, gathered around him.

José Marchena Ruiz de Cueto


Spanish author

José Marchena Ruiz de Cueto, also known as Abate Marchena, was a Spanish author, who studied with distinction at the University of Salamanca. He was born at Utrera.

Oratory of Sant'Antonio Abate, Pescia


The Oratory of Sant'Antonio Abate is a 14th-century, Roman Catholic prayer hall located on Via di San Francesco, adjacent to a convent of the same name and now Hospital of Santi Cosma e Damiano, in the town of Pescia, region of Tuscany, Italy.

Sant’Antonio Abate, Chieri


Sant’Antonio Abate is a Baroque-style, Roman Catholic church and convent located at Piazza Cavour in the town of Chieri, Province of Turin, region of Piedmont, Italy.

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Translations for abate:

Afrikaans word for Abate


Arabic word for Abate


Chinese words for Abate

abatable, 减弱.

Dutch words for Abate

verminderen, beperken, verlagen, afnemen, bestrijden, verzwakken, doen afnemen.

French words for Abate

baisser, diminuer, amoindrir.

German words for Abate

abnehmen, nachlassen, abklingen, herabsetzen, abflauen, vermindern, sich legen, abebben.

Hindi word for Abate


Italian word for Abate


Japanese words for Abate

和らぐ, たそがれる, 弱まる, 減る, よわまる, 冷める.

Korean word for Abate


Marathi word for Abate


Polish word for Abate


Portuguese word for Abate


Russian word for Abate


Spanish words for Abate

remitir, suprimir, calmarse, disminuir, reducir, rebajar, amainar.

Ukrainian word for Abate


Vietnamese word for Abate

hủy bỏ.