How To Spell Abdulla?

Correct spelling: Abdulla

 \a-bdulla, ab-dulla\

God's servant
Abdulla as a boy's name is a variant of Abdullah (Arabic), and the meaning of Abdulla is "God's servant".
  • Abdalla,
  • Abdella,
  • Abdoulla,
  • Abdull,
  • Abdualla.

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What are the usage examples for Abdulla?

  1. To him Abdulla half- hopeful, half- desperate, repaired: and the Syed came into his house and gave Afiza a potion composed of incense- ashes and water from the Miran shrine. – By-Ways of Bombay by S. M. Edwardes, C.V.O.
  2. According to Abdulla the only spirit which occasionally attacks him is a spirit of mischief not unknown to the parents of healthy little boys. – By-Ways of Bombay by S. M. Edwardes, C.V.O.
  3. Balniaux was very much in the company of Abdulla who was at that time the influential adviser of the Grand Vizier. – The Secrets of the German War Office by Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves

What are the rhymes for Abdulla?

  1. beulah, beula, lula, bula, rula, ula, eula, shula, gula, hula, tula;
  2. lemuela, tallula, missoula, tallulah;
  3. valenzuela;