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How To Spell abet?

Correct spelling: abet

Definition of abet:

  1. To contribute, as an assistant or instigator, to the commission of an offense.

List of misspellings for abet:

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What does the abbreviation abet mean?

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Quotes for abet:

  1. At first I wasn't sure that I had the talent, but I did know I had a fear of failure, and that fear compelled me to fight off anything that might abet it.
  2. No state should be allowed to profess partnership with the global coalition against terror, while continuing to aid, abet and sponsor terrorism.

Rhymes for abet:

  1. bret, threat, quintet, josette, vedette, statuette, georgette, jeanette, sextet, hett, tete, olivette, chet, colette, mette, forget, garnette, roulette, tibet, minuet, gazette, preset, cornet, rillette, rosette, suzette, yet, lisette, sweat, pet, jfet, louisette, offset, nicolet, et, unmet, set, unset, jennette, violette, brunet, willette, jolette, jette, manette, minaret, lynette, luncheonette, net, ninette, sobriquet, vignette, junette, brunette, pett, clarette, barnett, chevrette, bassette, claudette, corvette, henriette, octet, tourette, suffragette, juliette, hugette, brevet, brett, fett, ornette, yvette, nett, gelette, ellette, lorette, marlette, beset, odette, babette, fleurette, pierette, susette, wilmette, upset, willamette, fette, silhouette, bonnette, jet, viet, duet, villette, ret, met, lafayette, hughette, tagamet, lett, cossette, pret, bernet, burdette, get, boulet, payette, gwinnett, idette, lavette, frett, barbette, fret, burnett, mariette, janette, kitchenette, vet, rochette, flageolet, falconet, nellette, wynette, pirouette, paulette, beget, diskette, jeannette, bett, lucette, nanette, piet, wet, doucet, marette, jett, smet, reset, let, dorette, linette, lurette, irvette, sarette, marquette, nicolette, rhett, minette, pipette, regret, cassette, intermet, coronet, debt, cadet, bet, collette, fayette, cosette, barrette, laurette, gillette, yevette, tet, joette, margette, quartet, whet, stet;
  2. arnette, annette, arnett, anette, annett, arlette;
  3. cigarette, antoinette, bernadette, anisette, calumet, baronet, clarinet;
  4. cabriolet;

Translations for abet:

Arabic word for Abet


Bengali word for Abet

পোষকতা করা.

Chinese word for Abet


French word for Abet


Hindi word for Abet


Italian word for Abet


Japanese word for Abet


Korean word for Abet

부추 기다.

Polish word for Abet


Romanian word for Abet


Russian word for Abet


Spanish word for Abet


Swedish word for Abet


Tamil word for Abet

உடந்தையாக இருத்தல்.

Ukrainian word for Abet