How To Spell able?

Correct spelling: able

What does the abbreviation able mean?

 \a-ble, ab-le\

breath, vapour
Able as a boy's name is a variant of Abel (Hebrew), and the meaning of Able is "breath, vapour".

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What are the rhymes for able?

  1. mabel, hable, label, stable, sable, table, mable, stabile, kable;
  2. cable, gable, abel, fable, abell;
  3. enable, unstable, disable, unable, mislabel;

What are the translations for able?

Chinese word for Able


French words for Able

capable, apte, compétent, habile, capables, susceptible.

German words for Able

in der Lage, fähig, kompetent, berechtigt, begabt, geschickt, talentiert, potent, klug, anstellig.

Japanese words for Able

有能, 有為, うできき, うでがよい, 腕きき, 腕扱き, うでこき, 腕っこき, 敏腕, 腕こき, 腕っ扱き, うでがいい, 腕がよい, 腕利き, 腕がいい, うでっこき, 腕が良い, びんわん.

Polish words for Able

upoważniony, uprawniony, zdolny, posiadający możliwość.

Portuguese words for Able

capazes, capacitado, hábil, qualificado, prontos, dispostos, preparados, autorizados, autorizada.

Russian words for Able

в состоянии, в силах, умеющий, платёжеспособный.

Spanish words for Able

apto, capaz, autorizado, competente, habilitado.