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How To Spell abnormal?

Correct spelling: abnormal

Definition of abnormal:

  1. abnormality

List of misspellings for abnormal:

  • unnormal,
  • annomoly,
  • abdonimal,
  • ahnormal,
  • abnormsl,
  • unormal,
  • ofnormal,
  • annomily,
  • abnromal,
  • aniemal,
  • aniimal,
  • zbnormal,
  • annimal,
  • adbomial,
  • abornmality,
  • abnodmal,
  • annomaly,
  • abdoninal,
  • abnorjal,
  • abymal,
  • abnomality,
  • avnormal,
  • abbormal,
  • abnormailty,
  • abdomal,
  • aniamal,
  • parninormal,
  • abnprmal,
  • abmormal,
  • aniumal,
  • abdnormally,
  • itsabnormal,
  • bonemeal,
  • abnoramlity,
  • asnormal,
  • abnornmals,
  • abnormwl,
  • abnlrmal,
  • aninaml,
  • upnormal,
  • abissmal,
  • anumal,
  • abnorml,
  • ubnormal,
  • abnormzl,
  • anomale,
  • ainmal,
  • annormal,
  • abnoraml,
  • abismal,
  • agnormal,
  • adnormal,
  • adbormal,
  • abnkrmal,
  • abnormak,
  • abonimal,
  • adnormally,
  • abnorkal,
  • bnormal,
  • abnomaly,
  • abnoramal,
  • abn0rmal,
  • abnormial,
  • abnormaility,
  • abnirmal,
  • abnofmal,
  • abmornal,
  • abno5mal,
  • abnormaly,
  • abonormal,
  • abdonminal,
  • abomenal,
  • abn9rmal,
  • ribsomal,
  • qbnormal,
  • abnomal,
  • abnomral,
  • anuimal,
  • abnoemal,
  • abnormalies,
  • abdomial,
  • abdnormal,
  • anaimal,
  • abnormalty,
  • aninmal,
  • obnormal,
  • abhormal,
  • anormal,
  • abnnormal,
  • abno4mal,
  • abnominal,
  • abnormql,
  • abnotmal,
  • wbnormal,
  • abnornal,
  • abnormap,
  • abjormal,
  • albermarle,
  • sbnormal,
  • abnomalies.

Related words for abnormal

Ab-normal Beauty


2004 film

Ab-normal Beauty is a 2004 Hong Kong horror film directed and co-written by Oxide Pang. It stars Race Wong and Rosanne Wong of the Cantopop group 2R.

Abnormal Excitement: Nao Saejima


1989 film

Abnormal Excitement: Nao Saejima is a 1989 Japanese pink film in the supernatural thriller genre directed by Masahiro Kasai. It was chosen as Best Film of the year at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony.

Hen Semi


Manga series

Hen Semi, also known as Abnormal Physiology Seminar, is a Japanese comedy manga series written and illustrated by TAGRO and is a remake of his earlier manga series, Hentai Seiri Seminar.

Hixon rail crash


On 6 January 1968, a low-loader transporter carrying a 120-ton electrical transformer was struck by an express train on a recently installed automatic level crossing at Hixon in Staffordshire, England.

The World of Abnormal Psychology


TV series

The World of Abnormal Psychology is an educational video series produced by Annenberg Media, which examines behavioral disorders in humans. The series is hosted by Dr. Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University, who is best known for his controversial Stanford prison experiment.

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Quotes for abnormal:

  1. I have a problem when people say something's real or not real, or normal or abnormal. The meaning of those words for me is very personal and subjective. I've always been confused and never had a clearcut understanding of the meaning of those kinds of words.
  2. I truly cannot imagine men with men, women with women, doing what they were not physically created to do, without abnormal stress and misbehavior.
  3. Al Gore's performances could be a case study in abnormal -psychology classes.
  4. Libertarians argue that no normal adult has the right to impose choices on other normal adults, except in abnormal circumstances, such as when one person finds another unconscious and administers medical assistance or calls an ambulance.
  5. Yes, I remember the barbed wire and the guard towers and the machine guns, but they became part of my normal landscape. What would be abnormal in normal times became my normality in camp.

Rhymes for abnormal:

  1. formal, normal;
  2. informal;
  3. paranormal;

Translations for abnormal:

Afrikaans words for Abnormal

abnormale, abnormaal.

Arabic word for Abnormal

غَيْرُ طَبِيعِيّ.

Bengali word for Abnormal


Dutch words for Abnormal

afwijkend, ongewoon, uitzonderlijk.

French words for Abnormal

exceptionnel, singulier, inhabituel, bizarre, atypique, hors norme, rocambolesque.

German words for Abnormal

abnormal, abartig, regelwidrig, krankhaft, aberrant, irregulär, abnorm, anormal, unnormal.

Greek word for Abnormal


Hindi word for Abnormal


Italian word for Abnormal


Japanese words for Abnormal

アブノーマル, ふつうではない, ふつうでない, 変態的, 左巻き, 普通ではない, びょうてき, 病的, 並み外れ, 普通でない, なみはずれ, へんたいてき.

Javanese word for Abnormal

Ora normal.

Korean word for Abnormal


Malay word for Abnormal

Tidak normal.

Marathi word for Abnormal


Norwegian word for Abnormal


Polish word for Abnormal


Russian words for Abnormal

патологический, аномальный, ненормальный, нехарактерный, анормальный, отклоняющийся от нормы.

Spanish words for Abnormal

raro, anormales, inusual, poco común.

Swedish word for Abnormal


Tamil word for Abnormal


Ukrainian word for Abnormal


Vietnamese word for Abnormal

không bình thường.