How To Spell abroad?

Correct spelling: abroad

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What is the definition of abroad?

  1. in a foreign country; "markets abroad"; "overseas markets"

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What are the usage examples for abroad?

  1. Don't think of going abroad or doing anything foolish, dear, like that, till you have seen me- that is to say, us, for Dad is bringing Mother and me up to town by the first train to- morrow. – The Rough Road by William John Locke
  2. Possibly I shall go abroad – The Rough Road by William John Locke

What are the rhymes for abroad?

  1. broad, maude, mod, maud, claud, bawd, thawed, flawed, jawed, aud, awed, clawed, laud, sawed, claude, laude, baud, gnawed, fraud;
  2. applaud, maraud, defraud;

What are the translations for abroad?

Afrikaans word for Abroad


Arabic word for Abroad


Bengali word for Abroad


Chinese words for Abroad

在国外, 海外, 域外, 外边, 异地.

French words for Abroad

à l'étranger, l'étranger, à l’étranger.

German words for Abroad

Ausland, im Ausland, ins Ausland, draußen.

Hindi word for Abroad

विदेश में.

Italian word for Abroad


Japanese word for Abroad


Javanese word for Abroad

Luar negeri.

Korean word for Abroad


Malay word for Abroad

Di luar negara.

Marathi word for Abroad


Norwegian word for Abroad


Polish word for Abroad

za granicą.

Portuguese words for Abroad

no estrangeiro, ao exterior, fora, fora do país, para o estrangeiro, ao estrangeiro, pelo estrangeiro, para fora do país.

Romanian word for Abroad


Russian word for Abroad

за границей.

Spanish words for Abroad

extranjero, fuera, en el extranjero, ampliamente, extensamente, afuera, al extranjero, largamente.

Swedish word for Abroad


Tamil word for Abroad


Turkish word for Abroad

yurt dışı.

Ukrainian word for Abroad

за кордоном.

Vietnamese word for Abroad

ở nước ngoài.