How To Spell accept?

Correct spelling: accept

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What are the rhymes for accept?

  1. leapt, prepped, leaped, sept, slept, kept, stepped, wept, crept, swept;
  2. inept, except, adept;
  3. overslept, intercept;

What are the translations for accept?

Afrikaans word for Accept


Arabic word for Accept


Bengali word for Accept

গ্রহণ করা.

Chinese words for Accept

接受, 接纳, 承接, 收受, 受取, 受纳, 领受, 接下来.

French words for Accept

adopter, supporter, autoriser, admettre, prendre, approuver, accepter, croire, agréer, avaler, recevoir, créer, consentir.

German words for Accept

annehmen, anerkennen, einsehen, aufnehmen, abnehmen, zusagen, empfangen, zustimmen, entgegennehmen, akzeptieren, sich mit abfinden, eingehen, hinnehmen, in Kauf nehmen.

Greek word for Accept


Hindi word for Accept


Italian word for Accept


Japanese words for Accept

受け入れる, 受入れ, 受けいれる, 応じる, 受入れる, 受け止める, アクセプト, 応ずる, おうじる, 取りあげる, 取上げる, 認め合う, うけいれ, おうずる, うけとめる, 取り上げる, もうしうける, みとめる, 採り上げる, 仲間に加える, 申し受ける, みとめあう, なかまにくわえる, がえんずる.

Javanese word for Accept


Korean word for Accept


Malay word for Accept


Norwegian word for Accept


Polish words for Accept

przyjąć, przyjmować, zaakceptować, akceptować, uznawać, zgodzić się na, zezwolić na, dopuścić.

Portuguese words for Accept

receber, assumir, acolher, acreditar, aprovar.

Romanian word for Accept

a accepta.

Russian words for Accept

принять, принимать, допускать, согласиться с, допустить.

Spanish words for Accept

reconocer, asumir, acoger, admitir, entender, recibir, aceptar, aprobar, tomar, tolerar, aceitar, acatar.

Swedish word for Accept


Tamil word for Accept


Turkish word for Accept

kabul etmek.

Ukrainian word for Accept


Vietnamese word for Accept

chấp nhận.