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How To Spell acceptance?

Correct spelling: acceptance

Definition of acceptance:

  1. the state of being acceptable and accepted; "torn jeans received no acceptance at the country club"

List of misspellings for acceptance:

  • exerpiance,
  • aq bit much,
  • accceptance,
  • accidetns,
  • accptance,
  • acceptiple,
  • excperance,
  • accecptance,
  • accepetance,
  • acceptience,
  • acceptin,
  • asseptance,
  • acceptign,
  • exceeddance,
  • acceptiing,
  • aaccepting,
  • acceptend,
  • accaptence,
  • acceotance,
  • acceptanance,
  • accepiting,
  • accistance,
  • as bit much,
  • acceptince,
  • acceeptance,
  • accepatnce,
  • eceptense,
  • acceptng,
  • acceptace,
  • unacceptance,
  • accepteance,
  • aceptance,
  • acceptanced,
  • acceptanle,
  • acceptnce,
  • asbating,
  • acceptenace,
  • accepatnmce,
  • extance,
  • exintance,
  • exceedance,
  • accepence,
  • acceptalbe,
  • accepantance,
  • decreptancie,
  • acceptancy,
  • acceptens,
  • accpetence,
  • accetpance,
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  • expetancy,
  • accepance.

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Translations for acceptance:

Afrikaans words for Acceptance

opname, aanvaarding, aanneming.

Arabic word for Acceptance


Bengali word for Acceptance


Dutch words for Acceptance

goedkeuring, toelating, toestemming, inontvangstneming, instemming, acceptatie.

French words for Acceptance

approbation, consentement, acceptation, ratification, accueil, reconnaissance, admission.

German words for Acceptance

Zusage, Freigabe, Zustimmung, Abnahme, Aufnahme, Annahme, Zulassung, Billigung, Anerkennung, Akzeptanz, Zuschlag, Wechsel, Entgegennahme, Adoption, Beglaubigung, Annahmeerklärung, Akzept, Akzeptierung, Inkaufnahme, Hinnahme, Wechselakzept, Duldung, Homologation.

Greek word for Acceptance


Hindi word for Acceptance


Italian word for Acceptance


Japanese words for Acceptance

受理, 受け入れ, 受諾, 受付, 受領, 受入, 受け付け, アクセプタンス, 引き受け, 諦め, 受け付, 取り上げ, 引受け, 認め, 受付け, 了承, じゅだく, じゅり, 納受, みとめ, お引き受け, あきらめ, 諒承, うけつけ, 領承, とりあげ, じゅのう, 取上げ, 信認, のうじゅ, じゅりょう, ひきうけ, おひきうけ, りょうしょう, しんにん.

Javanese word for Acceptance


Korean word for Acceptance


Malay word for Acceptance


Norwegian word for Acceptance


Polish words for Acceptance

akceptacja, przyjęcie, zgoda, uznanie, aprobata, przyjmowanie, zaakceptowanie, akcept.

Portuguese words for Acceptance

aceitação, reconhecimento, consentimento, acolhida, deferimento, anuência.

Romanian word for Acceptance


Russian words for Acceptance

принятие, акцепт, благожелательность.

Spanish words for Acceptance

acogida, consentimiento, acogimiento, aceptabilidad, conformidad.

Swedish word for Acceptance


Tamil word for Acceptance


Turkish word for Acceptance


Ukrainian word for Acceptance