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This graph shows how "accepted" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for accepted:

  1. He had not the least intention in his secret mind of leaving the farm; he never dreamed that his notice would be accepted. "Hodge and His Masters" , Richard Jefferies.
  2. The offer was eagerly accepted. "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists" , Washington Irving.
  3. " Yes, M'sieur, your book has been accepted. "To-morrow?" , Victoria Cross.

Quotes for accepted:

  1. Somehow, by just continually pestering the general public by appearing on television, they accepted me and wanted more. - Chris Elliott
  2. We may take it to be the accepted idea that the Mosaic books were not handed down to us for our instruction in scientific knowledge, and that it is our duty to ground our scientific beliefs upon observation and inference, unmixed with considerations of a different order. - Asa Gray
  3. So okay, I accepted, and I realized while working for that concert that I'd been missing something very important and vital to me, and that something was music. - Joseph Jarman
  4. Love is of that excellent nature, that it is esteemed by the best of men, and accepted from the meanest persons; what then is the affection of a Father! - John Pearson
  5. My father was a Presbyterian minister, working among the poor in West Virginia. He had taken what amounted to a vow of poverty when he accepted that call and so we never had much money. - James Green Somerville

Rhymes for accepted:

  1. excepted.
  2. intercepted.
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