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Correct spelling: account


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This graph shows how "account" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for account:

  1. But that is a matter of no account. "The Rough Road" , William John Locke.

Quotes for account:

  1. What do you think, that a dollar in a savings account is freedom? Maybe you have understood nothing I have said. - Klaus Kinski
  2. Parents should be encouraged to read to their children, and teachers should be equipped with all available techniques for teaching literacy, so the varying needs and capacities of individual kids can be taken into account. - Hugh Mackay
  3. Every existence above a certain rank has its singular points; the higher the rank the more of them. At these points, influences whose physical magnitude is too small to be taken account of by a finite being may produce results of the greatest importance. - James C. Maxwell
  4. The Super Bowl isn't for kids, I had a great time though and it was worth every nickel of it because by doing this lame piece about the game I can put it on my expense account. - Andy Rooney
  5. News is so often a report of conflict, an account of problems, a thing of the day and even of the minute, that sometimes I think we make the background darker and the shadows deeper than they actually are. - Arthur H. Sulzberger

Rhymes for account:

  1. amount, discount, miscount, recount, surmount.
  2. blount, count, mount, mt.

Idioms for account:

  1. settle an account
  2. on no account must/ should sb do sth
  3. turn sth to good account
  4. be brought to account
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