How To Spell acknowledge?

Correct spelling: acknowledge

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What are the rhymes for acknowledge?

  1. college;

What are the translations for acknowledge?

Chinese words for Acknowledge

认同, 答理.

Dutch words for Acknowledge

inzien, bevestigen, accepteren, voor erkentelijk zijn, toegeven, voor erkentelijkheid betuigen, voor bedanken, voor erkentelijkheid uitspreken.

French words for Acknowledge

souligner, signaler, admettre, mentionner, reconnaître, honorer, saluer, accepter, croire, avouer, confirmer.

German words for Acknowledge

anerkennen, erkennen, quittieren, zugeben, honorieren, akzeptieren, bekennen, eingestehen.

Portuguese words for Acknowledge

reconhecer, assumir, saudar, agradecer a, confessar, confirmar recebimento de, estar ciente de, confirmar recepção de, acusar recebimento de, tomar consciência de, ter conhecimento de.

Spanish words for Acknowledge

reconocer, admitir, agradecer, saludar, aceptar, confesar, aceitar, confirmar.