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How To Spell acquisition?

Correct spelling: acquisition

Definition of acquisition:

  1. The act of acquiring; the thing acquired.

List of misspellings for acquisition:

  • acstion,
  • accusisition,
  • equstion,
  • acquision,
  • aqisition,
  • aquisistion,
  • aquissitions,
  • aquizitions,
  • aquistition,
  • aquisations,
  • aacqisition,
  • acquisitioin,
  • accusastion,
  • accusition,
  • quisetion,
  • athourisation,
  • accociation,
  • acquization,
  • acquition,
  • qouistion,
  • regisition,
  • aqusitions,
  • aquaistion,
  • acquisation,
  • accusiation,
  • requesistion,
  • accuisition,
  • authoization,
  • actualisation,
  • aquision,
  • aquisitions,
  • assoicaition,
  • acquastion,
  • afixiation,
  • acquistition,
  • equalisation,
  • accuasation,
  • equestian,
  • acuqisition,
  • aqcuisition,
  • aquisation,
  • afgainistian,
  • requisistion,
  • acquisiton,
  • acqustion,
  • acquistions,
  • aqquisition,
  • aquasistion,
  • inqusition,
  • accussation,
  • aquasition,
  • aquitistion,
  • aphxisiation,
  • accuzation,
  • equastion,
  • acuzation,
  • accustaion,
  • acuisitions,
  • acqusition,
  • acqisition,
  • acquisiion,
  • adquisition,
  • acuastion,
  • reacquistion,
  • aqusition,
  • acquistiion,
  • anyquestion,
  • aqusistion,
  • adjustion,
  • acguisition,
  • aquasitions,
  • acquitision,
  • accquisition,
  • orgaizatio,
  • accosiation,
  • acquasition,
  • accustion,
  • orgamisation,
  • acquisision,
  • acquisitin,
  • recquisition,
  • inquistion,
  • ehaustion,
  • acxtion,
  • acquesition,
  • aquizition,
  • qquestion,
  • equestion,
  • orgaisation,
  • aquesition,
  • reaquisition,
  • accustation,
  • acussation,
  • acquisistion,
  • acuisition,
  • aquisition,
  • adquisitions,
  • asquisition,
  • aquisison,
  • quesition.

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Quotes for acquisition:

  1. My commitment to Atlanta and passion for sports and competition make this acquisition a perfect fit for me.
  2. It is better to make a piece of music than to perform one, better to perform one than to listen to one, better to listen to one than to misuse it as a means of distraction, entertainment, or acquisition of "culture."
  3. Next to acquiring good friends, the best acquisition is that of good books.
  4. We continue to have nuclear weapons relied on as a weapon of choice. If that policy were to continue, we continue to have countries who are in a security bind, if you like, or perceive themselves to be in security bind to look for acquisition of nuclear weapons.
  5. I have nothing against diamonds, or rubies or emeralds or sapphires. I do object when their acquisition is complicit in the debasement of children or the destruction of a country.

Translations for acquisition:

Afrikaans word for Acquisition


Arabic word for Acquisition


Bengali word for Acquisition


Dutch words for Acquisition

aankoop, aanschaf, verwerving, aanwinst, overname, verkrijging, acquisitie.

French word for Acquisition


German words for Acquisition

Abschluss, Beschaffung, Kauf, Erwerb, Anschaffung, Aufnahme, Ankauf, Zukauf, Erwerbung, Erfassung, Akquisition, Akquise, Aneignung, Erlangung, Errungenschaft, Akquirierung, Firmenübernahme, Neuerwerbung, Aufkauf, Akzession, Akquisitation.

Greek word for Acquisition


Italian word for Acquisition


Japanese word for Acquisition


Javanese word for Acquisition


Malay word for Acquisition


Marathi word for Acquisition


Norwegian word for Acquisition


Polish words for Acquisition

nabycie, zakup, pozyskiwanie, uzyskanie, akwizycja, nabywanie, przejęcie, pozyskanie, zdobywanie, nabytek.

Romanian word for Acquisition


Spanish words for Acquisition

registro, compra, captura.

Tamil word for Acquisition


Turkish word for Acquisition


Vietnamese word for Acquisition

mua lại.