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Correct spelling: acre


Definition of acre:

  1. A measure of land containing 160 square rods or perches, or 4, 840 square yards. God's acre, the churchyard.

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Quotes for acre:

  1. An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise. - Red Auerbach
  2. Just under the surface I shall be, all together at first, then separate and drift, through all the earth and perhaps in the end through a cliff into the sea, something of me. A ton of worms in an acre, that is a wonderful thought, a ton of worms, I believe it. - Samuel Beckett
  3. If you know how many acres you have sown of each kind of corn, inquire how much the acre the soil of that land takes for sowing, and count the number of quarters of seed, and you shall know the return of seed, and what ought to be over. - Robert Grosseteste
  4. Know that each acre of fallow ought to support yearly two sheep at the least, then a hundred acres of fallow can support two hundred sheep, two hundred acres, four hundred sheep and so on. - Robert Grosseteste
  5. Because of technological limits, there is a certain amount of food that we can produce per acre. If we were to have intensive greenhouse agriculture, we could have much higher production. - Ralph Merkle

Rhymes for acre:

  1. achor, baker, breaker, craker.
  2. faker, laker, maker, quaker, raker, saker, shaker, taker.
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