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Correct spelling: acre

Definition of acre:

  1. A measure of land containing 160 square rods or perches, or 4, 840 square yards. God's acre, the churchyard.

Common misspellings for acre:

acke, acere, acrew, acrer, acer, acure.


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Examples of usage for acre:

  1. We are willing that he should have the right of way through our hearts, but we forget that every acre must be the King's property. –  by
  2. As for Aunt Listy, she never seemed to feel any resentment against the child Jethro brought so frequently to Thousand Acre Hill. –  by
  3. You're just as good as when, with aching arm, I cleared and worked that eighty- acre farm! –  by

Rhymes for acre:

  1. faker, maker, quaker, shaker, taker, raker, saker, laker;
  2. baker, breaker, craker, achor;