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How To Spell acting?

Correct spelling: acting

List of misspellings for acting:

  • ectend,
  • lactone,
  • aguing,
  • asitting,
  • attking,
  • ectent,
  • actyiv,
  • acceting,
  • joting,
  • cuting,
  • activy,
  • actoins,
  • reactin,
  • octain,
  • acordig,
  • icthing,
  • actionn,
  • accion,
  • againd,
  • egarding,
  • awiating,
  • agetn,
  • acalling,
  • actting,
  • acordding,
  • coting,
  • etting,
  • facding,
  • actir,
  • acttwo,
  • actiing,
  • aloting,
  • accorging,
  • acoording,
  • aceoting,
  • actient,
  • ecohing,
  • scuting,
  • picting,
  • acusing,
  • actng,
  • akording,
  • audting,
  • acdimnica,
  • actak,
  • actoions,
  • lacating,
  • accurding,
  • itting,
  • appecting,
  • akitten,
  • accoutig,
  • accorfing,
  • vacutainer,
  • anyting,
  • actiions,
  • cting,
  • avating,
  • actipn,
  • acruing,
  • arcaine,
  • adoting,
  • victin,
  • geting,
  • exting,
  • eatiing,
  • acpeting,
  • actiion,
  • acordingle,
  • sectino,
  • afting,
  • actind,
  • egytpian,
  • eiting,
  • eting,
  • karting,
  • arting,
  • acadenic,
  • wqaiting,
  • assting,
  • accoint,
  • agiing,
  • elcting,
  • acti0n,
  • recting,
  • adicting,
  • kictune,
  • accurating,
  • acouding,
  • awaitng,
  • icking,
  • eatting,
  • accpeting,
  • accoarding,
  • ersceting,
  • againg,
  • austing,
  • acttive,
  • acuseing,
  • auctons.

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Quotes for acting:

  1. I was going to buy a van and move to LA so I could secretly pursue acting without any of my friends knowing.
  2. To me, acting is the most logical way for people's neuroses to manifest themselves, in this great need we all have to express ourselves.
  3. Why do we go around acting as though everything was friendship and reliability when basically everything everywhere is full of sudden hate and ugliness?
  4. Acting is merely the art of keeping a large group of people from coughing.
  5. I did commercials since I was 16, and that's kind of acting, depending on what you're selling.

Translations for acting:

Afrikaans word for Acting


Arabic word for Acting


Bengali word for Acting


Chinese word for Acting


French words for Acting

jeu, provisoire, profession d'acteur, par intérim, intérim.

German words for Acting

Darstellung, Handeln, stellvertretend, Schauspielerei, Schauspielkunst.

Greek word for Acting


Hindi word for Acting


Italian word for Acting


Japanese word for Acting


Javanese word for Acting


Korean word for Acting


Malay word for Acting


Marathi word for Acting


Norwegian word for Acting


Polish word for Acting

pełniący czyjeś obowiązki.

Romanian word for Acting


Russian word for Acting

исполняющий обязанности.

Spanish words for Acting

efecto, interino.

Swedish word for Acting


Tamil word for Acting


Turkish word for Acting


Ukrainian word for Acting


Vietnamese word for Acting

tạm đảm nhiệm chức.