How To Spell active?

Correct spelling: active

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What is the definition of active?

  1. characterized by energetic activity; "an active toddler"; "active as a gazelle"; "an active man is a man of action"

What does the abbreviation active mean?

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What are the translations for active?

Afrikaans word for Active


Arabic word for Active


Chinese words for Active

有源, 活跃的.

Dutch words for Active

druk, werkzaam, werkend, levendig, actief, bedrijvig, activerend.

French words for Active

effectif, actif, vif, vivant, dynamique, présenté, présents, en fonction, en service, en marche, en exploitation.

German words for Active

wirksam, aktiv, eingeschaltet, wirkend, regsam, lebhaft, rege, Tatform, aktiviert, engagiert, in Betrieb, ablauffähig, quicklebendig.

Greek word for Active


Hindi word for Active


Italian words for Active

vigente, intensa, attivo.

Japanese words for Active

アクティブ, 積極的, 活動的, 能動的, 能動, アクティヴ, 主体的, 行動的, 動作状態, のうどう, のうどうてき, どうさじょうたい, こうどうてき, せっきょくてき, しゅたいてき, アクチブ, かつどうてき, 活動的な.

Korean word for Active


Malay word for Active


Marathi word for Active


Polish words for Active

aktywny, włączony.

Portuguese words for Active

aberto, ativo, efetivo, eficazes, activa, atuante, activas, participativa, actuante.

Romanian word for Active


Russian word for Active

осуществляющий деятельность.

Spanish words for Active

activo, activos, listo, vivo, activado, vigoroso, operante.

Tamil word for Active


Ukrainian word for Active


Vietnamese word for Active

năng động.