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How To Spell acute?

Correct spelling: acute

Definition of acute:

  1. ending in a sharp point

List of misspellings for acute:

  • acout,
  • acttive,
  • actly,
  • actuel,
  • acked,
  • adiquet,
  • ected,
  • acsse,
  • accoutig,
  • acn't,
  • oacduff,
  • afgter,
  • ecattle,
  • actue,
  • acuba,
  • acuret,
  • baguete,
  • occue,
  • accet,
  • accude,
  • argumet,
  • accuart,
  • acur,
  • actula,
  • adaqute,
  • sacurty,
  • educte,
  • assocate,
  • ayotte,
  • occuied,
  • acttwo,
  • abute,
  • eaigt,
  • acurate,
  • adquite,
  • ackup,
  • aquiet,
  • immacuate,
  • autie,
  • adequte,
  • adeqeute,
  • acutal,
  • adaquate,
  • adiquete,
  • acut,
  • awhite,
  • asut,
  • atate,
  • icture,
  • acquarate,
  • accoubt,
  • acpete,
  • accuarte,
  • acouts,
  • raquet,
  • aquite,
  • appicate,
  • actule,
  • actuak,
  • facuet,
  • ocurt,
  • accurete,
  • aciuty,
  • anouter,
  • dcut,
  • accued,
  • actyiv,
  • acrre,
  • eachoter,
  • agter,
  • acquited,
  • acused,
  • adeuate,
  • accout,
  • actir,
  • addaquite,
  • acuurate,
  • adecquate,
  • ocate,
  • accuirate,
  • arcurate,
  • addecuate,
  • accumuate,
  • acveue,
  • acrue,
  • eqate,
  • aquit,
  • acutual,
  • acard,
  • acavate,
  • accoutn,
  • adequite,
  • acobe,
  • cautgh,
  • accit,
  • ducte,
  • accute,
  • aguide,
  • avicat,
  • assocoayte.

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Rhymes for acute:

  1. boot, brut, chute, route, cute, suit, knute, shute, truitt, boote, butte, moot, loot, brute, coot, fruit, scoot, lute, toot, bute, root, jute, huette, stroot, shoot, mute, newt, flute, hoot;
  2. dispute, compute, salute, recruit, beirut, pursuit, astute, dilute, refute, cahoot, minute, uproot, reroute, impute, commute, pollute, repute, permute;
  3. disrepute, subacute;

Translations for acute:

Afrikaans words for Acute

intens, akute, scherpzinnig.

Arabic word for Acute


Bengali word for Acute


Chinese words for Acute

严峻的, 急性, 锐, 锐尖, 急症.

Dutch words for Acute

ernstig, acuut, scherp, gevoelig, hevig, schril, nijpend, schel, doordringend, snerpend.

French words for Acute

grave, vif, fin, intense, graves, urgent, critique, crucial, perspicace, aigu, évidente.

German words for Acute

scharf, akut, heftig, fein, dringend, durchdringend, intensiv, spitz, scharfsinnig, spitzwinklig.

Hindi word for Acute


Italian words for Acute

acuto, intensa.

Japanese word for Acute


Korean word for Acute


Marathi word for Acute


Norwegian word for Acute


Polish word for Acute


Portuguese words for Acute

acentuado, pontiagudo, incisivo, verdadeiro, verdadeira, forte, premente, sagaz, extrema, significativa, acentuadas, apurada, profundas, prementes, pungente, crónica.

Romanian word for Acute


Russian word for Acute


Spanish words for Acute

fuerte, agudo, profundo, fino, significativo, intenso, vivo, extremo, urgente, perspicaz, violento, acentuada, extremos, urgentes, profunda, apurado.

Tamil word for Acute


Ukrainian word for Acute


Vietnamese word for Acute