How To Spell addition?

Correct spelling: addition

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What are the translations for addition?

Afrikaans word for Addition


Dutch words for Addition

aanvulling, toevoeging, aanwinst, optelling.

French word for Addition


German words for Addition

Zusatz, Plus.

Hindi word for Addition

इसके अलावा.

Italian words for Addition

aggiunta, integrazione, addizione.

Japanese words for Addition

追加, 添加, 増加, 加算, 加, 足し算, 積算, 付けたり, つけたり, てんか, たしざん, 加え算, 添え物, ついか, 寄せ算, よせざん, かほう, くわえざん, 付かたり, せきさん, そえもの, 加法, 足し前, てんかぶつ, 附加, 付け足し, プラスオン, ふか, 付足し, ついかがく, てんかもの, つかたり, 付け足り.

Javanese word for Addition

Kajaba iku.

Korean word for Addition


Malay word for Addition


Marathi word for Addition

या व्यतिरिक्त.

Norwegian word for Addition


Polish words for Addition

dodatek, dodanie.

Portuguese words for Addition

soma, adição, aditamento, inclusão.

Russian words for Addition

добавление, сложение, дополнением.

Spanish words for Addition

anexo, complemento, adición, suma, incorporación, agregado, adenda, suplemento, añadidura.

Swedish word for Addition


Turkish word for Addition


Vietnamese word for Addition

Ngoài ra.