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How To Spell adulation?

Correct spelling: adulation

Definition of adulation:

  1. servile flattery; exaggerated and hypocritical praise

List of misspellings for adulation:

  • addoration,
  • eudcation,
  • aduction,
  • educuation,
  • gradulation,
  • aniliation,
  • aderation,
  • ildeation,
  • apluation,
  • idealation,
  • utiliarian,
  • eaducation,
  • autction,
  • aducation,
  • addlitional,
  • avaluation,
  • abultion,
  • adobtion,
  • battaltion,
  • articiulation,
  • audution,
  • addaction,
  • autmation,
  • annilation,
  • anielation,
  • sdolution,
  • iflation,
  • idation,
  • atation,
  • adpation,
  • annialation,
  • annillation,
  • dliation,
  • avaulation,
  • addiation,
  • idealtional,
  • orderlyshutdown,
  • applation,
  • evualation,
  • dialtion,
  • afilliation,
  • actualitation,
  • avialtion,
  • annihlation,
  • zdulation,
  • addation,
  • adulations,
  • anniliation,
  • adddtion,
  • opulation,
  • adirmation,
  • addttion,
  • adultious,
  • intlation,
  • anialation,
  • diliation,
  • adequation,
  • addetion,
  • edution,
  • adelations,
  • educashon,
  • adopation,
  • adheasion,
  • edudation,
  • atantion,
  • attation,
  • acetylcholine,
  • anihlation,
  • eduration,
  • aduition,
  • dulition,
  • adution,
  • ituation,
  • appilation,
  • amulation,
  • utiliation,
  • anaielation,
  • nodilation,
  • auditition,
  • eduaction,
  • audiation,
  • educiation,
  • addntion,
  • euducation,
  • evualtion,
  • appalation,
  • afiliation,
  • eduation,
  • alleation,
  • adonation,
  • audtition,
  • guradulation,
  • educashion,
  • addiltional,
  • edyucation,
  • accualation,
  • edcuation,
  • artiulation,
  • anilation,
  • evulation.

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Elective Affinities


Painting by René Magritte

Elective Affinities is a 1933 painting by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte. The title is taken from the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe book Elective Affinities. Magritte had the following to say about this work: One night, I woke up in a room in which a cage with a bird sleeping in it had been placed. A magnificent error caused me to see an egg in the cage, instead of the vanished bird.



Painting by René Magritte

Golconda is an oil painting on canvas by Belgian surrealist René Magritte, painted in 1953. It is usually housed at the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas.

The Difficult Crossing


Painting by René Magritte

The Difficult Crossing is the name given to two oil-on-canvas paintings by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte. The original version was completed in 1926 during Magritte's early prolific years of surrealism and is currently held in a private collection.

The Palace of Memories


Painting by René Magritte

The Palace of Memories is a painting in oil on canvas, 46.2 × 38.2 cm, created in 1939 by Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte. It is held in a private collection.

The Seducer


Painting by René Magritte

The Seducer is a surrealist painting by René Magritte. It was created in 1950 and again in 1953 in Brussels, Belgium. The 1950 version is held by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the 1953 version is in a private collection.

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Quotes for adulation:

  1. We do this for the art, not the adulation. I'd rather our music get liked and we get ignored. I don't want to be adored for anything other than the music.
  2. And it was only released in London last week, so when I go back to England Monday or whatever, I am expecting heaps of adulation. I'm hoping there is. If that doesn't happen I will be disappointed.
  3. Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.
  4. I wanted to play drums because I fell in love with the glitter and the lights, but it wasn't about adulation. It was being up there playing.
  5. I'm always shy in front of an audience, so I'm always at the back, in the shadows, just doing it. I don't like the front, the adulation.

Rhymes for adulation:

  1. foliation, pronunciation, formulation, collectivization, intensification, narration, identification, harmonization, reparation, consolation, invitation, amputation, indignation, clarification, gentrification, annexation, relaxation, congregation, germination, consultation, indoctrination, exacerbation, ramification, implication, neutralization, gastrulation, aggravation, recrimination, rejuvenation, fragmentation, bifurcation, desperation, liberation, proliferation, gradation, utilization, desecration, deification, implementation, reputation, monopolization, hallucination, misappropriation, christianization, conglomeration, valuation, mineralization, exfoliation, ossification, deceleration, disinclination, consideration, combination, occupation, configuration, miseration, experimentation, celebration, verification, gasification, renunciation, deflation, presentation, reunification, punctuation, preservation, regimentation, imagination, rehydration, extermination, differentiation, appellation, normalization, resuscitation, mechanization, propagation, deliberation, tabulation, corporation, standardization, pagination, application, sedimentation, federation, reconfirmation, instigation, reinterpretation, amelioration, frustration, mediation, disorganization, damnation, misapplication, commercialization, elation, cooperation, evaluation, telecommunication, filtration, confirmation, deprivation, location, decoration, refutation, destination, contemplation, delegation, discrimination, irrigation, vibration, resignation, industrialization, dictation, exploitation, reaffirmation, recuperation, demoralization, nitration, nucleation, dilation, personalization, correlation, prefabrication, conjugation, modernization, navigation, subluxation, renovation, oxidation, appalachian, nationalization, justification, origination, detonation, consolidation, duration, admiration, articulation, fluoridation, personification, isolation, masturbation, desalinization, immunization, aviation, probation, molestation, diversification, argumentation, fibrillation, preparation, vilification, incarnation, participation, mutation, graduation, proclamation, information, calculation, glaciation, intoxication, toleration, segmentation, hydrogenation, mutilation, impregnation, delineation, fascination, lactation, legislation, saturation, figuration, elimination, compilation, protestation, convocation, conservation, ministration, detoxification, integration, confabulation, transillumination, decapitation, adjudication, donation, concatenation, distillation, vindication, russification, edification, emancipation, habitation, socialization, premeditation, fumigation, oscillation, pressurization, motivation, affirmation, misinformation, reevaluation, equalization, facilitation, radiation, specification, evaporation, rationalization, usurpation, constipation, reaffiliation, qualification, innovation, fabrication, adaptation, pigmentation, dissertation, commendation, imitation, substantiation, augmentation, population, horatian, conversation, estimation, depredation, overvaluation, creation, ionization, accumulation, continuation, optimization, refrigeration, recertification, organization, ventilation, deviation, falsification, decontamination, negotiation, relation, replication, enumeration, fixation, disembarkation, libration, cremation, insinuation, demonization, vegetation, coronation, stabilization, predestination, syndication, trepidation, miscalculation, plantation, confederation, decentralization, backwardation, inclination, remuneration, reclassification, manifestation, elaboration, quantification, emulation, sedation, specialization, declaration, maximization, imputation, meditation, association, privation, indemnification, cancellation, revitalization, orchestration, incrimination, permutation, migration, compensation, determination, glorification, generation, concentration, magnetization, inauguration, malformation, connotation, relocation, humiliation, privatization, polarization, allocation, infiltration, lubrication, renegotiation, suffocation, colonization, visitation, incoordination, approximation, procrastination, organisation, incantation, indication, inactivation, explication, sequestration, hesitation, certification, exhilaration, documentation, equitation, consecration, multiplication, hibernation, amalgamation, dilatation, retaliation, obfuscation, fermentation, self-congratulation, denunciation, emigration, expiration, vacation, disqualification, coloration, coagulation, alteration, stagflation, dramatization, limitation, demonstration, simulation, suburbanization, miniaturization, repatriation, miscreation, criminalization, stimulation, translation, securitization, unionization, hydration, orientation, expatriation, communization, confiscation, quotation, ligation, interpretation, hyperinflation, intimation, profanation, arbitration, agglomeration, advocation, desolation, irritation, computerization, authorization, alienation, insubordination, optation, nullification, menstruation, invocation, reclamation, moderation, exasperation, modification, assassination, visualization, coordination, devastation, avocation, instrumentation, inoculation, expectation, salvation, reconfiguration, animation, sterilization, titillation, evacuation, pasteurization, sanctification, reorganization, designation, disinflation, commemoration, derivation, eradication, regeneration, reallocation, constellation, mitigation, incapacitation, generalization, reforestation, reconsideration, obligation, condensation, domestication, denomination, depopulation, purification, sarmatian, duplication, pollination, ejaculation, rehabilitation, demobilization, recommendation, cogitation, inundation, misidentification, infestation, fluctuation, consummation, characterization, notation, tribulation, ovation, negation, overpopulation, transformation, solicitation, dehumanization, sensation, desiccation, gravitation, implantation, degeneration, litigation, politicization, subordination, affrication, exhalation, localization, degradation, transportation, reformation, computation, aspiration, victimization, liquidation, democratization, situation, realization, automation, disinformation, altercation, publication, manipulation, validation, deformation, expropriation, initiation, dalmatian, revaluation, maturation, operation, crustacean, inflammation, depreciation, codification, installation, transplantation, pacification, deportation, reincarnation, demodulation, dissipation, oration, gestation, reauthorization, insulation, embarkation, inhabitation, modulation, redecoration, insemination, procreation, liberalization, electrification, fertilization, civilization, denationalization, revelation, undervaluation, ratification, precipitation, machination, termination, importation, reexamination, demarcation, preoccupation, cultivation, perpetuation, mummification, starvation, flirtation, stagnation, rotation, summation, inspiration, reservation, categorization, emanation, laceration, magnification, exclamation, contamination, privatisation, agitation, ovulation, prognostication, hospitalization, simplification, registration, fortification, respiration, rededication, authentication, depravation, alleviation, dissemination, exploration, amortization, domination, amplification, saponification, sanitation, variation, taxation, misinterpretation, rumination, vaccination, intonation, improvisation, excommunication, perspiration, sophistication, incarceration, recreation, desalination, cohabitation, reflation, disputation, notification, decertification, urbanization, ornamentation, legalization, subsidization, exhortation, appreciation, regulation, ordination, infatuation, indentation, disorientation, impersonation, granulation, communication, incubation, perturbation, collaboration, elevation, calibration, annotation, allegation, remediation, incorporation, inflation, unification, classification, discontinuation, appropriation, gyration, nomination, rectification, exaggeration, medication, observation, culmination, affectation, ostentation, hybridization, miscommunication, westernization, elongation, strangulation, nonproliferation, approbation, repudiation, mobilization, invalidation, exhumation, reiteration, investigation, reinvigoration, dislocation, dissociation, echolocation, levitation, dispensation, indexation, deregulation, consternation, centralization, reverberation, annihilation, vocation, separation, assimilation, croatian, incrustation, restoration, prostration, extrapolation, vaporization, illumination, revocation, pontification, adoration, foundation, intimidation, capitulation, inhalation, speculation, flotation, irradiation, disintegration, destabilization, globalization, evocation, corroboration, discoloration, recalculation, defamation, popularization, corp, representation, equivocation, renomination, affiliation, marginalization, perforation, anticipation, gratification, devaluation, divination, condemnation, proration, temptation, desegregation, retardation, recitation, jubilation, provocation, reconciliation, illustration, triangulation, excitation, interrogation, naturalization, deforestation, misrepresentation, examination, dehydration, exoneration, confrontation, recantation, complication, violation, excavation, nondiscrimination, escalation, conflagration, stalinization, segregation, stipulation, congratulation, balkanization, dedication, palpitation, formation, immigration, conciliation, vacillation, explanation, vulgarization, education;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. castration, citation, cessation, carnation, causation, cetacean, alsatian;
  4. abrogation, abdication, activation, aberration, acclimation, accusation;
  5. accommodation, accreditation, abomination, acceleration, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;