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How To Spell advance?

Correct spelling: advance

What are the misspellings for advance ?

  • addvice,
  • advace,
  • advnace,
  • advamce,
  • audiance,
  • adhernce,
  • aadvarks,
  • advacasy,
  • adivce,
  • adavnce,
  • advant,
  • advaning,
  • advencing,
  • advnance,
  • advantaes,
  • advidce,
  • adolence,
  • advaces,
  • aduidence,
  • aduinece,
  • audinece,
  • ediviance,
  • advantes,
  • aidience,
  • audiecnce,
  • advences,
  • adovcacy,
  • audicance,
  • edurance,
  • audance,
  • aduence,
  • adviance,
  • advacnce,
  • advane,
  • audaince,
  • oudiance,
  • adwanced,
  • atavan,
  • audeince,
  • adavnace,
  • advsing,
  • advocy,
  • adavnced,
  • advanec,
  • advoidance,
  • adjance,
  • advacnes,
  • aduidance,
  • adovacy,
  • audeance,
  • advcanced,
  • addvance,
  • advaanced,
  • adavnacing,
  • audiunce,
  • advange,
  • advince,
  • aduance,
  • evdiance,
  • advanages,
  • advencher,
  • evadance,
  • adudience,
  • auditence,
  • attdance,
  • attedance,
  • advanaage,
  • dvance,
  • adviece,
  • audidance,
  • aduiance,
  • advcie,
  • advannced,
  • advanter,
  • advancce,
  • adeiunce,
  • audienece,
  • advance1,
  • auduence,
  • advoice,
  • auideince,
  • auddiance,
  • aiudence,
  • advoacy,
  • advancee,
  • evdence,
  • adovates,
  • aviance,
  • advicce,
  • advanaced,
  • evudance,
  • advoce,
  • edvidence,
  • advangeges,
  • advenchers,
  • advovacy,
  • adjancet,
  • edivdence,
  • atvanage,
  • aduince.

What is the definition of advance?

  1. increase in price or value; "the news caused a general advance on the stock market"

What does the abbreviation advance mean?

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What are the rhymes for advance?

  1. nance, dance, stance, romance, chance, prance, glance, trance, lance, vance, hance, france, anse, rance;
  2. expanse, finance, enhance, askance;
  3. refinance;

What are the translations for advance?

Afrikaans word for Advance


Arabic word for Advance


Bengali word for Advance


Chinese words for Advance

预付, 推动, 促进, 预支, 将...提前, 上前, 使...前进, 进军, 挺进, 锐进.

Dutch words for Advance

vooraf, voorsprong, bevorderen, oprukken, vooruitgaan, vooruitgang, voorschot, vooruitbetaling, aanbetaling, voorwaarts gaan, vervroegen, vorderingen maken, doen vooruitgaan, in aantocht zijn, opmars.

French words for Advance

aller, monter, approfondir, promouvoir, investir, favoriser, perfectionner, appuyer, stimuler, avancer, progresser, avancé, déplacer vers l'avant.

German words for Advance

Vorgehen, vorlegen, ansteigen, anziehen, voranbringen, vorantreiben, fortschreiten, vordringen, Vorankommen, weiterkommen, aufsteigen, avancieren, vorschieben, vorwärts bringen, anrücken, vorschreiten, Vorschuss.

Greek word for Advance


Hindi word for Advance


Italian word for Advance


Japanese words for Advance

進む, 前進, 繰上, 進行, 進軍, 歩み, 増進, すすめる, くりあげ, しんぐん, じょうたつ, 繰り上げる, 繰り上げ, バンス, しんぽ, 繰上げる, あゆみ, すすむ, 上進, ふける, 深ける, ぜんしん, かちあがる, はかどる, くりあげる, 踏出す, ふみだす, となえる, 勝ち上がる.

Javanese word for Advance


Korean word for Advance


Malay word for Advance


Marathi word for Advance


Norwegian word for Advance


Polish words for Advance

zaliczka, wyprzedzenie, zwyżka.

Portuguese words for Advance

continuar, melhorar, progredir, propiciar, prosseguir, melhoria, progresso, desenvolver, antecedência, adiantamento, investida, antecipar, adiantar.

Romanian word for Advance


Russian words for Advance

заблаговременный, прогресс, аванс, наступление, продвигать, авансовый, опережение, предварение, продвигаться, повышаться, передвигать вперёд, возрастать, платить авансом.

Spanish words for Advance

ir, potenciar, presentar, favorecer, prestar, seguir, fomentar, promover, expresar, progresar, promocionar, mejora, proponer, sugerir, avanzar, adelantar, antelación, anticipo, progreso, acercarse, anticipado, adelanto, anticipar, previa, adelantarse, anticipación, hacer progresos.

Swedish word for Advance

förskott (n).

Tamil word for Advance


Turkish word for Advance


Ukrainian word for Advance


Vietnamese word for Advance

tiền tạm ứng.