How To Spell advantage?

Correct spelling: advantage

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What is the definition of advantage?

  1. give an advantage to; "This system advantages the rich"

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What are the rhymes for advantage?

  1. manage, vantage;
  2. mismanage;
  3. disadvantage, micromanage;

What are the translations for advantage?

Arabic word for Advantage


Bengali word for Advantage


Dutch words for Advantage

pluspunt, voordeel, profijt, voorsprong, troef, baat.

French words for Advantage

atout, avantage, favoriser, avantager, gain.

German words for Advantage

Nutzen, Vorteil, Gewinn, Vorsprung, Plus, Vorzug, Pluspunkt, Nut.

Greek word for Advantage


Hindi word for Advantage


Italian word for Advantage


Japanese words for Advantage

利点, アドバンテージ, アドバンテッジ, 便宜, りてん, べんぎ, 有利.

Javanese word for Advantage


Korean word for Advantage


Malay word for Advantage


Polish words for Advantage

zaleta, przewaga, atut.

Portuguese words for Advantage

vantagem, benefício, proveito, supremacia, favorecimento, oferecer vantagens a.

Russian words for Advantage

сильная сторона, приемущество, более выгодное положение, благоприятное положение.

Spanish words for Advantage

favorecer, ventaja, lucro, provecho, beneficiar, aprovechamiento.

Swedish word for Advantage


Tamil word for Advantage


Turkish word for Advantage


Ukrainian word for Advantage


Vietnamese word for Advantage

lợi thế.