How To Spell advise?

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What are the rhymes for advise?

  1. prize, ties, supplies, goodbyes, flies, pies, guys, defies, hise, geis, denies, fries, comprise, pint-size, pries, surmise, vies, ries, demise, guise, grise, wyse, skies, unwise, julies, relies, complies, wies, replies, revise, lise, disguise, mies, dries, spies, incise, highs, thais, lies, cries, wise, marseilles, ise, plies, chastise, emprise, surprise, dyes, shies, size, dies, sighs, bise, implies, unties, bies, eis, despise, ayes, kise, rise, ais, thighs, crise, tries, eyes, nies, dise, y's, buys, upsize, decries;
  2. apprise, devise, applies, belies, allies, arise, baptize, reprise;
  3. oversize, underlies, improvise;
  4. sensationalize, decriminalize;

What are the translations for advise?

Afrikaans word for Advise


Arabic word for Advise


Chinese words for Advise

忠告, 规劝, 劝勉, 劝导.

French words for Advise

informer, conseiller, aviser, recommander, renseigner, donner des conseils à, dispenser des conseils à.

German words for Advise

empfehlen, betreuen, beraten, raten, mitteilen, informieren, unterrichten, verständigen, benachrichtigen.

Greek word for Advise


Hindi word for Advise

को सलाह.

Italian word for Advise


Japanese word for Advise


Javanese word for Advise

Maringi pitutur.

Korean word for Advise


Malay word for Advise


Marathi word for Advise

सल्ला द्या.

Norwegian word for Advise


Polish words for Advise

poradzić, powiadomić, powiadamiać, radzić, doradzić, zalecić, doradzać.

Portuguese words for Advise

aconselhar, assessorar.

Romanian word for Advise

a sfătui.

Spanish words for Advise

informar, consultar, recomendar, asesorar, aconsejar, advertir, avisar, esclarecer, notificar, dar consejos, prestar asesoramiento, brindar consejos, ofrecer recomendaciones.

Swedish word for Advise


Turkish word for Advise

öğüt vermek.

Ukrainian word for Advise


Vietnamese word for Advise