How To Spell advocate?

Correct spelling: advocate

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What are the translations for advocate?

Afrikaans word for Advocate


Arabic word for Advocate


Bengali word for Advocate


Chinese words for Advocate

崇尚, 提倡, 提倡者, 中保, 鼓吹者, 大肆鼓, 揄扬.

Dutch words for Advocate

voorstander, advocaat, pleitbezorger, voorvechter, verdediger, belangenbehartiger.

French words for Advocate

promouvoir, revendiquer, prôner, recommander, avocat, préconiser.

German words for Advocate

vertreten, Anwalt, Fürsprecher, Verfechter, Befürworter, Rechtsanwalt, Vertreterin, Advokat, Verteidiger, Verfechterin, Befürworterin, Rechtsanwältin, Sachwalter, Rechtsbeistand.

Greek word for Advocate


Hindi word for Advocate


Italian word for Advocate


Japanese words for Advocate

提唱者, 擁護者, 標榜, 主張者, ていしょうしゃ, べんごにん, こすいしゃ, しゅちょうしゃ, べんごしゃ, 弁護人, ひょうぼう, 弁護者, ようごしゃ, 論者, 鼓吹者, ろんしゃ, 代言者, だいげんしゃ, 支持する.

Korean word for Advocate


Malay words for Advocate

Pengacara, Peguam bela.

Norwegian word for Advocate


Polish words for Advocate

rzecznik, adwokat, reprezentant, zwolennik, obrońca, zwolenniczka, rzeczniczka.

Portuguese words for Advocate

advogado, advogada, advogar, porta-voz, partidário, paladino, paladim.

Russian words for Advocate

выступать за, отстаивать, защищать.

Spanish words for Advocate

alentar, apoyar, fomentar, promover, reivindicar, defensor, abogado, defensora, promotor, abogar por, defender, recomendar, aconsejar, abogada, predicar, intercesor, partidario, intercesora, partidaria, letrado, letrada, valedora, adalid, protectora, sostenedor, propugnar, preconizar, ser partidario de, estar a favor de, patrono.

Swedish word for Advocate


Tamil word for Advocate


Turkish word for Advocate


Vietnamese word for Advocate

người ủng hộ.