How To Spell AE?

Correct spelling: AE

What is the definition of AE?

  1. Alt. of Ae

What does the abbreviation AE mean?

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What are the usage examples for AE?

  1. No second tear crept on the lady's lashes, and, with her hand in the king's hand, they paced together towards the palace, while behind them, in melancholy mood, Crimthann mac Ae led the horses and the chariot. – Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens
  2. " And she's owerheard her father and me speakin' thegither as gin't had been only ae body thinkin'. – Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  3. " Ae mornin', whan I woke up, I was my lane. – Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  4. " For ae thing, a body has but feow ways o' sayin' his say to his brithermen. – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  5. 30. For this idea, and indeed for a great part of his book, he is indebted to Dr. Crombie; who says, " To signify unity, or one of a class, our forefathers employed ae or ane; as, ae man, ane ox." – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown

What are the rhymes for AE?

  1. dey, stray, brae, fray, khe, neigh, tray, sleigh, jae, j, che, ca, ney, bay, hay, spray, lei, may, way, sze, rae, wy, flay, paye, stay, sta, bray, hwe, brey, raye, slay, yay, say, frey, se, sway, jay, prey, mey, lait, waye, mae, they, play, day, ay, drey, ne, wray, quai, trey, nay, fey, fay, gray, pay, mei, gway, maye, grey, ray, wey, clay, daye, klay, pray, tay, gaye, shea, quay, kay, hey, graye, kaye, shay, dray, yea, cray, blay, bey, saye, cay, ley, de, whey, wei, re, lay, jaye, faye, vey, rey, haye, tae, pei, weigh, nej, k, fe, dae;
  2. calais, mccrea, puree, crochet, millay, ek, essay, obey, hooray, croquet, abbe, astray, orsay, beret, defray, hurray, mckay, survey, beauvais, prepay, chalet, bombay, mackay, carre, delay, array, fillet, valet, delray, away, dk, ballet, nikkei, betray, cache, ga, hervey, oj, nisei, ole, bouquet, souffle, today, parquet, olay, rene, asay, saute, da, cliche, dismay, display, purvey, cafe, toupee, monet, jose, halfway, risque, sergei, ha, convey, filet, gervais, passe, manet, b-j, allay, okay, sorbet, soiree, replay, dossier, decay, renee, moray, belay, repay, levey, portray, mcveigh, buffet, cathay, o'shea, macrae;
  3. disobey, underway, intraday, overplay, cea, jna, dak, monterrey, underplay, attache, overstay, faberge, monterey, aaa, uva, chevrolet, ita, ekk, perrier, bta, cabernet, bua, piaget, ira, fiance, cabaret, bouvier, lyonnais, disarray;
  4. communique, asea, noaa, ceta, foia, cabriolet, hiaa, naivete;
  5. waga;

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