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How To Spell affection?

Correct spelling: affection

Definition of affection:

  1. Affectation.

List of misspellings for affection:

  • aggegation,
  • afections,
  • afermation,
  • attaction,
  • affaction,
  • effections,
  • aggession,
  • effliction,
  • affactionat,
  • affectioate,
  • afecting,
  • afercain,
  • eveiction,
  • affectionatly,
  • afectionate,
  • fection,
  • oficcial,
  • afectation,
  • affectiontly,
  • afection,
  • evection,
  • affications,
  • affacting,
  • afffecting,
  • affication,
  • affiation,
  • affilction,
  • affermation,
  • saisfaction,
  • affectng,
  • affenctionate,
  • afixiation,
  • efectionate,
  • affectionado,
  • iffection,
  • afician,
  • attection,
  • effectionate,
  • afunction,
  • assoction,
  • sufercation,
  • effictiant,
  • acuction,
  • affectionally,
  • aviction,
  • affiction,
  • affetion,
  • afliction,
  • asection,
  • affectionaly,
  • afertnoon,
  • affectionet,
  • affileation,
  • affictions,
  • affamation,
  • affectionite,
  • affectionante,
  • affectiing,
  • affectign,
  • avertion,
  • affectionette,
  • affixiation,
  • africian,
  • affectionist,
  • affectiont,
  • sffection,
  • affectiong,
  • effection,
  • offection,
  • autction,
  • affectionit,
  • affectionados,
  • advection,
  • obection,
  • effectious,
  • afflication,
  • pefection,
  • affectionatley,
  • affectionete,
  • effecatious,
  • effecton,
  • effectiing,
  • affectin,
  • affilication,
  • affactionate,
  • effectin,
  • satiafaction,
  • suffercation,
  • appication,
  • ifection,
  • affectionitly,
  • affecton,
  • assiocation,
  • ualifiction,
  • affectionly,
  • offectial,
  • affecttionit,
  • ofemotion,
  • affeliation,
  • affectioned.

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Quotes for affection:

  1. When we bring back with us the objects most dear, and find those we left unchanged, we are tempted to doubt the lapse of time; but one link in the chain of affection broken, and every thing seems altered.
  2. I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.
  3. Well the wedding in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury was a fairy tale and there was a huge public impress, investment of goodwill, affection and indeed money in this Institution. It was a huge success at the time.
  4. Animals speak with pure affection. It's important to me to get something going in NY so we can get to be a no -kill city, and give the animals homes and more attention and love.
  5. The United States form a young republic, a confederacy which ought ever to be cemented by a union of interests and affection, under the influence of those principles which obtained their independence.

Translations for affection:

Arabic word for Affection


Bengali word for Affection


Chinese words for Affection

情爱, 爱怜, 情义.

Dutch word for Affection


French word for Affection


German words for Affection

Zuwendung, Erkrankung, Zuneigung, Gunst, Liebe, Wohlwollen, Zärtlichkeit, Affektion, Warmherzigkeit, Gewogenheit, Amor.

Greek word for Affection


Hindi word for Affection


Italian word for Affection


Japanese words for Affection

愛情, アフェクション, 慈愛, じょうあい, お情け, 情愛, 寵愛, ちょうあい, 寵, いつくしみ, 愛念, あいねん.

Javanese word for Affection


Korean word for Affection


Malay word for Affection

Kasih sayang.

Marathi word for Affection


Norwegian word for Affection


Polish word for Affection


Portuguese word for Affection


Romanian word for Affection


Russian words for Affection

любовь, симпатия.

Spanish words for Affection

ternura, sentimiento, aprecio, afecto.

Swedish word for Affection


Tamil word for Affection


Turkish word for Affection


Ukrainian word for Affection


Vietnamese word for Affection

tình cảm.