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How To Spell age?

Correct spelling: age

What are the misspellings for age ?

  • hage,
  • ase,
  • omage,
  • eagar,
  • erdge,
  • egde,
  • arge,
  • agove,
  • ackage,
  • varge,
  • 1page,
  • argle,
  • ags,
  • alarge,
  • amage,
  • ppage,
  • aga,
  • 5acre,
  • umage,
  • apage,
  • fague,
  • avge,
  • acobe,
  • chage,
  • useage,
  • avage,
  • alage,
  • ageed,
  • iamge,
  • aegyoo,
  • dge,
  • iget,
  • agead,
  • eagre,
  • oarnge,
  • agive,
  • eurge,
  • algie,
  • earge,
  • waige,
  • gague,
  • afew,
  • igive,
  • aguide,
  • orgie,
  • ageny,
  • egle,
  • agme,
  • avake,
  • oarge,
  • ahgree,
  • egaer,
  • sauge,
  • imge,
  • aget,
  • opage,
  • aoe,
  • agaun,
  • page5,
  • ahuge,
  • tghey,
  • age3,
  • eaigt,
  • alge,
  • atthe,
  • ogher,
  • agaree,
  • eage,
  • aguee,
  • agena,
  • immiage,
  • orage,
  • arugue,
  • immage,
  • karge,
  • enage,
  • harge,
  • iimage,
  • poage,
  • aguy,
  • awhie,
  • agt,
  • oange,
  • guage,
  • agter,
  • sge,
  • afghi,
  • iragi,
  • azue,
  • agreay,
  • afe,
  • eagl,
  • agame,
  • page,
  • tgey,
  • ae,
  • agean,
  • vouage,
  • argree,
  • acveue.

What is the definition of age?

  1. make older; "The death of his child aged him tremendously"

What does the abbreviation age mean?


Age as a boy's name.
  • Aage,
  • ike,
  • Ugo,
  • Augy,
  • Augie.

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What are the quotes for age?

  1. Bashfulness is an ornament to youth, but a reproach to old age.
  2. If I were a Palestinian of the right age, I'd eventually join one of the terrorist organizations.
  3. We are all geniuses up to the age of ten.
  4. Because of Mozart, it's all over after the age of seven.
  5. About the twenty -third year of my age, I had many fresh and heavenly openings, in respect to the care and providence of the Almighty over his creatures in general, and over man as the most noble amongst those which are visible.

What are the rhymes for age?

  1. gauge, upstage, paige, sage, kage, lage, wage, cage, rage, page, hage, stage, gage, gaige;
  2. backstage, engage, assuage, offstage, osage, enrage, onstage;
  3. under-age, disengage;

What are the translations for age?

Afrikaans word for Age


Arabic word for Age


Dutch words for Age

verouderen, levensduur, leeftijd, tijdperk, tijd, ouder worden, rijpen, eeuw, generatie.

French words for Age

ancienneté, ère, vieillir, prendre de l'âge.

German words for Age

Zeit, reifen, altern, älter, Epoche, Lebensdauer, ausreifen, Zeitalter, alt werden, Veralten, älter machen, ablagern lassen, vergreisen, alt machen, Lebensalter, Altersstufe, Weltalter.

Greek word for Age


Hindi word for Age


Italian word for Age


Japanese words for Age

よ, 歳, 年令, 朝, 年配, 年を取る, みぎん, 歳を取る, ふけこむ, じゅれい, 年歯, おとなびる, 御年, ねんだい, おんとし, 陳ねる, 年輩, 一代, ねんれい, 老ける, 老, おいる, としとる.

Korean word for Age


Malay words for Age

Tempo, Umur.

Marathi word for Age


Polish words for Age

wiek, epoka.

Portuguese words for Age

idade, etária, etário, envelhecer, etários, etárias.

Romanian word for Age


Russian words for Age

возраст, век, старость.

Spanish words for Age

madurar, edad, era, envejecer, añejar.

Swedish word for Age


Turkish word for Age


Ukrainian word for Age