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How To Spell agenda?

Correct spelling: agenda

Definition of agenda:

  1. of Agendum

List of misspellings for agenda:

  • agence,
  • bagand,
  • attenda,
  • aamnda,
  • ageny,
  • avandia,
  • egnuff,
  • agrand,
  • againded,
  • egnima,
  • agernt,
  • adenda,
  • agergate,
  • leagend,
  • lagend,
  • ajendas,
  • oaklend,
  • eekend,
  • agnery,
  • aggends,
  • agained,
  • agaent,
  • axneity,
  • aggendas,
  • ageda,
  • genda,
  • naginta,
  • adgent,
  • agensed,
  • aenta,
  • agread,
  • agenads,
  • emagened,
  • agnet,
  • agetn,
  • ageed,
  • agenst,
  • arragend,
  • aenda,
  • ageand,
  • agena,
  • aggenda,
  • agead,
  • gende,
  • agennt,
  • againand,
  • agenca,
  • agient,
  • agesnt,
  • aganda,
  • gendar,
  • agneda,
  • agant,
  • egent,
  • agenc,
  • againdt,
  • ajenst,
  • makeand,
  • aggergate,
  • anegada,
  • bargend,
  • afend,
  • eyecandy,
  • agenet,
  • agnder,
  • awkakened,
  • arhonda,
  • agenct,
  • agenty,
  • againat,
  • argentna,
  • argentia,
  • aecond,
  • icalendar,
  • agenday,
  • agengy,
  • iconthat,
  • aganit,
  • agender,
  • againd,
  • acend,
  • alligend,
  • againsta,
  • agentt,
  • agnda,
  • gaiend,
  • ageint,
  • agends,
  • arguind,
  • aganced,
  • aragend,
  • agsnt,
  • agondy,
  • adgena,
  • agendy,
  • ajenda,
  • cakendar,
  • angenda,
  • agensit,
  • agasiant.

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e-flux is a publishing platform and archive, artist project, curatorial platform, and enterprise founded in 1998. The news digest, events, exhibitions, schools, journal, books, and art projects produced and/or disseminated by e-flux describe strains of critical discourse surrounding contemporary art, culture, and theory internationally.

New Agenda


Album by Elvin Jones

New Agenda is a jazz album by drummer Elvin Jones recorded in 1975 and released on the Vanguard label.

Stray Point Agenda


Studio album by Foreign Beggars

Stray Point Agenda is the second studio album by English hip hop group Foreign Beggars.

The Civil Rights Agenda


Community-based organization

The Civil Rights Agenda is a civil rights advocacy organization founded in June 2010 by Jacob Meister, with a stated mission "to maintain and increase individual rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer citizens in Illinois through inter-generational volunteerism and community-driven project-based education, statewide coalition and network building, and leadership in supporting underserved communities with the necessary tools that will equip members of those communities with the resources and confidence to establish equality for all persons, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity."

United Nations Human Settlements Programme


The United Nations Human Settlements Programme is the United Nations agency for human settlements and sustainable urban development.

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This graph shows how "agenda" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for agenda:

  1. The President and the Democrats on Congress have exploited the financial crisis to advance their socialist big government tax, spend and borrow agenda.
  2. So, I'm lying on the couch and Laura walks in and I say, 'Free at last,' and she says 'You're free all right, you're free to do the dishes.' So I say, 'You're talking to the former president, baby,' and she said, 'consider this your new domestic policy agenda.'
  3. I spend a good portion of my dinner -party conversation defending America because no matter what the political agenda, it's still a fantastic, amazing place.
  4. It's insanity for a party that believes in freedom to allow some Republicans to seize an agenda that is totally alien to the agenda that was established in the election.
  5. I'll see Naomi Wolf on television periodically, I have nothing against her and what she says, but I'll feel that she's a politician, like she's got an agenda to get across and that she doesn't always say what's really true or exactly what she feels.

Rhymes for agenda:

  1. glenda, brenda, wenda, renda, gwenda, zenda;
  2. referenda, hacienda;

Translations for agenda:

Arabic word for Agenda

جَدْوَل الَأعْمال.

Bengali word for Agenda


Dutch words for Agenda

motief, doel.

French words for Agenda

calendrier, ordre du jour, programme, intentions, planes, planning.

German words for Agenda

Programm, Plan, Agenda, Tagesordnung, Traktandenliste, Geschäftsordnung, Terminplanung, Themenplan.

Hindi word for Agenda


Italian words for Agenda

ordine del giorno, programma.

Japanese word for Agenda


Korean word for Agenda


Marathi word for Agenda


Norwegian word for Agenda


Polish words for Agenda

porządek obrad, program, porządek dzienny, kalendarz, lista działań, porządek zebrania.

Portuguese words for Agenda

horário, calendário, ordem do dia, trabalhos, programação, temário, ordem de trabalhos.

Romanian word for Agenda

ordine de zi.

Russian words for Agenda

повестка, повестка дня, план мероприятий.

Spanish words for Agenda

programa, objetivo, plano, pauta, orden del día, temario, asuntos a tratar.

Tamil word for Agenda

நிகழ்ச்சி நிரல்.

Turkish word for Agenda


Ukrainian word for Agenda

порядок денний.

Vietnamese word for Agenda

chương trình nghị sự.