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How To Spell alee?

Correct spelling: alee

Definition of alee:

  1. on or toward the lee; "put the helm alee"

List of misspellings for alee:

  • zalee,
  • lee,
  • aleew,
  • aqlee,
  • awlee,
  • qalee,
  • alwee,
  • alees,
  • alpee,
  • laee,
  • ale3e,
  • alee4,
  • al4ee,
  • elee,
  • alsee,
  • ale e,
  • aslee,
  • aplee,
  • aleee,
  • ahee,
  • apee,
  • aolee,
  • ale4e,
  • azlee,
  • wlee,
  • aalee,
  • alede,
  • alewe,
  • alme,
  • walee,
  • clee,
  • zlee,
  • al3ee,
  • a lee,
  • aleg,
  • qlee,
  • alee3,
  • aleed,
  • al ee,
  • aloee,
  • ilee.

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This graph shows how "alee" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for alee:

  1. ee, the, waikiki, sightsee, id, lavie, flea, lee, ab, guaranty, ot, pri, quay, c3, we, retiree, ree, yippee, enlistee, markee, tse, honoree, eap, cac, vi, yee, oad, key, mi, gutsy, fee, free, cxc, ip, mee, blea, internee, mt, cie, thierry, indri, trainee, zee, esprit, mc, pawnee, njt, guarantee, ki, mpg, xi, musee, tennessee, lessee, nestle, henri, cat-3, fi, referee, klee, pree, leigh, dea, pea, rea, re, enrollee, devotee, dupree, he, sci, dee, goatee, p, bea, magee, shi, me, zea, loree, sze, see, repartee, bt, v, prix, inductee, ravi, c, cc, de, bibi, louie, tee, si, capri, three, ve, brie, chee, qui, rosalee, be, quai, yie, li, ghee, undersea, mcgee, cd, bourgeoisie, conferee, z, trustee, d, ti, gyi, crea, licensee, mcghee, tyree, rupee, valoree, banshee, apc, qi, rb, mme, ib, atp, nie, plea, draftee, odp, nic, dsv, spree, khe, yangtze, yi, curie, rosemarie, wee, snee, nee, fsi, kyi, cod, pattee, m3, debris, brea, tree, hee, potpourri, te, ddt, tea, jaycee, cyb, ranee, sep, chea, fop, tv, sea, ne, sie, ji, kee, resignee, glee, andree, she, emcee, vee, mea, degree, lp, thi, bee, slee, jessee, detainee, deportee, ze, oversea, ofc, escapee, guarani, flee, whoopee, chablis, lsd, t, smee, kea, marquis, spie, mit, jee, ged, franchisee, b, bbc, ye, vendee, syp, cree, sri, disagree, se, nabil, g, jubilee, gee, lxi, jie, decree, parolee, je, marie, bui, lea, bree, thee, foresee, appointee, ski, tenn, xie, sheree, nominee, designee, shri, marquee, nghi, knee, dundee;
  2. achee, adee, ac, albee, agree, abee;
  3. abt, amputee, adoptee, absentee, amc, adoree, addressee;
  4. geac, knbc, interviewee, hnat, irit, lapd;
  5. awb;

Translations for alee:

Arabic word for Alee

علي بن أبي طالب.

Chinese word for Alee


Greek word for Alee


Hindi word for Alee


Italian word for Alee


Marathi word for Alee


Portuguese word for Alee


Russian word for Alee


Turkish word for Alee


Ukrainian word for Alee


Vietnamese word for Alee

dưới gió.