How To Spell almost?

Correct spelling: almost

What is the definition of almost?

  1. Nearly; very nearly; well-nigh; all but.

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What are the translations for almost?

Dutch words for Almost

haast, bijna, nagenoeg, vrijwel, zowat, welhaast.

French words for Almost

environ, presque, approximativement.

German words for Almost

praktisch, schier, fast, nahezu, beinahe, bald, geradezu, annähernd, quasi, beinah.

Japanese words for Almost

ほぼ, ほとんど, 殆ど, もう少しで, 殆んど, あやうく, 危うく, かれこれ, 八九分, 既の所で, すってのこと, もうすこしのところで, あぶなく, くぶ, 既の事, もうすこしで, すでのこと, 粗方, 九分, 彼此, 已の事, もう少しの所で, すんでのところで, はっくぶ, 危なく, あらかた, 先ず, すんでのこと, 彼是, すんでの所で, もう少しのところで.

Polish words for Almost

prawie, niemal.

Portuguese words for Almost

quase, praticamente, prestes a, por um triz.

Spanish words for Almost

casi, aproximadamente, por poco.