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How To Spell already?

Correct spelling: already

Definition of already:

  1. prior to a specified or implied time; "she has already graduated"

List of misspellings for already:

  • alreardy,
  • allreadi,
  • alramed,
  • alreays,
  • alredy,
  • alreayd,
  • alraday,
  • aleready,
  • alredey,
  • alwredy,
  • avriety,
  • aread,
  • alwqayd,
  • alreasdy,
  • aldredo,
  • alreadybe,
  • larado,
  • evreday,
  • allrready,
  • oready,
  • alrghti,
  • allrgey,
  • alessranda,
  • clread,
  • alrealy,
  • appread,
  • alreadyhad,
  • alreadys,
  • alreadya,
  • afread,
  • aggread,
  • olorado,
  • calarado,
  • lready,
  • ahread,
  • alreaddy,
  • alared,
  • alreadyu,
  • alreadyed,
  • apperead,
  • alrrady,
  • alreday,
  • allredy,
  • allreaddy,
  • altready,
  • alaready,
  • alrumaih,
  • allreday,
  • alresady,
  • affread,
  • aklready,
  • alfreado,
  • allready,
  • alreadyt,
  • alreay,
  • alraeady,
  • plreatty,
  • agread,
  • alrleady,
  • acreata,
  • alrarm,
  • olready,
  • alrerted,
  • afreaid,
  • laready,
  • alreadying,
  • alreaduy,
  • slready,
  • eeryday,
  • acreade,
  • alreadz,
  • alrady,
  • alerady,
  • alreally,
  • alered,
  • apretty,
  • alreny,
  • mayalready,
  • illieracy,
  • aslready,
  • alreqdy,
  • alriddy,
  • ealrly,
  • owlrarley,
  • alreaay,
  • alreadfy,
  • alreafy,
  • alqueda,
  • aredy,
  • aready,
  • allgrade,
  • alreadt,
  • alreadyy,
  • earlierand,
  • alreadye,
  • alredday,
  • alread,
  • alsready,
  • allreddy,
  • alreadey.

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This graph shows how "already" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for already:

  1. teddy, ready, medi, teddie, unsteady, hedi, reddy, heady, redi, steady;
  2. freddie, eadie, edie, eddy, eddie, freddy;
  3. tancredi;

Translations for already:

Afrikaans word for Already


Arabic word for Already


Bengali word for Already


French words for Already

encore, déjà.

German words for Already

schon, ohnehin, bereits, jetzt schon, ohnehin schon, schon längst, sowieso schon, eh schon.

Greek word for Already


Hindi word for Already

पहले से ही.

Italian word for Already


Japanese words for Already

既に, すでに, 早くも, はやくも, 先刻, 已に, すんでに.

Javanese word for Already


Korean word for Already


Malay word for Already


Marathi word for Already


Norwegian word for Already


Polish words for Already

dotychczas, już.

Portuguese word for Already


Russian word for Already


Spanish words for Already

ya, de por sí.

Swedish word for Already


Tamil word for Already


Turkish word for Already


Ukrainian word for Already