How To Spell altogether?

Correct spelling: altogether

What is the definition of altogether?

  1. All together; conjointly.

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What are the usage examples for altogether?

  1. I don't know if it would be better for the fishermen altogether – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie

What are the rhymes for altogether?

  1. heather, leather, feather, whether, weather, tether, nether;
  2. together;

What are the translations for altogether?

Afrikaans word for Altogether


Arabic word for Altogether


Bengali word for Altogether


Chinese words for Altogether

一共, 完全地, 总共, 合共, 一总, 统共, 满公, 总合.

Dutch words for Altogether

totaal, helemaal.

French words for Altogether

somme toute, totalement.

German words for Altogether

insgesamt, ganz, durchweg, im Ganzen, alles in allem, zusammen, summa summarum.

Hindi word for Altogether

कुल मिलाकर.

Japanese words for Altogether

全部, まとめて, それぎり, 一切合財, 其れっ切り, それきり, それっきり, 其れ切り, もろに, それっ切り, それ切り, いっさいがっさい, 一切合切.

Javanese word for Altogether


Korean word for Altogether


Norwegian word for Altogether

til sammen.

Portuguese words for Altogether

inteiramente, perfeitamente, ao todo, no total, na totalidade, no geral.

Romanian word for Altogether

cu totul.

Russian word for Altogether


Spanish words for Altogether

realmente, completamente, totalmente, por completo, enteramente.

Swedish word for Altogether


Turkish word for Altogether


Ukrainian word for Altogether


Vietnamese word for Altogether

cả thảy.