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Correct spelling: Alvaro


Alvaro \a-lva-ro, al-varo\

all guard
Alvaro as a boy's name is pronounced AL-vah-roh. It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Alvaro is "all guard". A Visigothic given name.
Related names:
Alvern, Alvarso, Alvert, Alverio, Allvar.

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Examples of usage for Alvaro:

  1. It was that of the Lunas, and though some people laughed at the relationship, there lay his illustrious progenitors, Don Alvaro and his wife, on their monumental tombs. "The Shadow of the Cathedral" , Vicente Blasco Ibañez.
  2. Gabriel remembered what he had heard his father relate about the recumbent statue of Don Alvaro. "The Shadow of the Cathedral" , Vicente Blasco Ibañez.
  3. Alvaro di Piero of Portugal flourished at the same time, and adopted a very similar style, but made his colouring more clear and his figures shorter. "The Lives of the Painters, Sculptors & Architects, Volume 1 (of 8)" , Giorgio Vasari.

Rhymes for Alvaro:

  1. amaro.
  2. aro, baro, caro, claro, maro.
  3. carbonaro.
  4. cesaro, gennaro, lazaro, lazzaro, morrow, naro, navarro, paro, pharo, pizarro, sorrow, varo, yarrow, zingaro.
  5. kilimanjaro.
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