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Correct spelling: ammonium


Definition of ammonium:

  1. A group of atoms, NH4, which behaves as a univalent metal in forming ammoniacal compounds; it has never been obtained in a free state.
  2. The supposed base of ammonia.

Common misspellings for ammonium:

annonomous, amonium, annonumus.

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Examples of usage for ammonium:

  1. Ammonium sulphide, added to the filtered fluids, threw down from that which contained the cream of tartar a sensible amount of dark mercurial sulphide, while that which contained pure water gave no notable reaction. "The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University" , Robert Peter.

Rhymes for ammonium:

  1. harmonium, plutonium, polonium, zirconium.
  2. pandemonium.
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