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Correct spelling: amount

Definition of amount:

  1. The sum total; the effect, substance, or result.
  2. To rise to, or reach, a certain sum by accumulation of particulars; to come to, in effect, or substance; to be equivalent.

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Examples of usage for amount:

  1. When removed, the bud therefore will be about an inch long, with the " eye" in the centre, and with a certain amount of wood attached to it behind. –  by
  2. Just think for a moment of the amount of work these things do for us and what an effort there would be made to find something to take their place! –  by
  3. Measure the juice, and if it does not amount to a pint, squeeze some more pieces of orange through the bag. –  by

Rhymes for amount:

  1. count, mount, mt, blount;
  2. account, discount, miscount, recount, surmount;