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Spell Check of amount

Correct spelling: amount


Definition of amount:

  1. The sum total; the effect, substance, or result.
  2. To rise to, or reach, a certain sum by accumulation of particulars; to come to, in effect, or substance; to be equivalent.

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Examples of usage for amount:

  1. When removed, the bud therefore will be about an inch long, with the " eye" in the centre, and with a certain amount of wood attached to it behind.
  2. Just think for a moment of the amount of work these things do for us and what an effort there would be made to find something to take their place!
  3. Measure the juice, and if it does not amount to a pint, squeeze some more pieces of orange through the bag.

Quotes for amount:

  1. Considering the amount of information we're bombarded by, it's amazing if a song can transcend time. - Michael Bolton
  2. The amount of information that can be stored by the ultimate laptop, 10 to the 31st bits, is much higher than the 10 to the 10th bits stored on current laptops. - Seth Lloyd
  3. The facility of obtaining food is beneficial in two ways to the owners of capital, it at the same time raises profits and increases the amount of consumable commodities. - David Ricardo
  4. There's probably one more story about Bosnia that I'd like to do, because I spent a fair amount of time on the Serb side of the lines, which isn't apparent in the other books. - Joe Sacco
  5. Free nations with different histories, economies and a vast amount of stubborn pride will never achieve complete agreement, even when they desire the same objectives. - Arthur H. Sulzberger

Rhymes for amount:

  1. account, discount, miscount, recount, surmount.
  2. blount, count, mount, mt.

Idioms for amount:

  1. lose sm amount of time
  2. live on an amount of money
  3. draw against an amount of money
  4. come out at an amount
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