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How To Spell amount?

Correct spelling: amount

Definition of amount:

  1. be tantamount or equivalent to; "Her action amounted to a rebellion"

List of misspellings for amount:

  • accuont,
  • amoints,
  • amuned,
  • anmount,
  • amoonts,
  • amoint,
  • amnount,
  • acount,
  • oment,
  • aqmount,
  • diamont,
  • ammounts,
  • aminity,
  • smount,
  • imment,
  • amountain,
  • immuno,
  • ammount,
  • amonts,
  • amaounts,
  • parmount,
  • momunt,
  • amoong,
  • anound,
  • accouant,
  • arount,
  • asorment,
  • amouht,
  • imlant,
  • amongh,
  • emount,
  • amiunt,
  • ammont,
  • amontialdo',
  • omnto,
  • imoact,
  • imortant,
  • ummune,
  • alont,
  • amunity,
  • moiunt,
  • farimount,
  • aponet,
  • amoung,
  • accounta,
  • amounta,
  • amonest,
  • amony,
  • aound,
  • amout,
  • beamount,
  • amonth,
  • appoimmnt,
  • amaranta,
  • appoimnet,
  • annount,
  • alound,
  • amonst,
  • anount,
  • domunet,
  • amoina,
  • ammoung,
  • areount,
  • amkount,
  • amountfor,
  • amenaty,
  • immenat,
  • amennity,
  • amond,
  • anout,
  • amket,
  • ammend,
  • emonital,
  • amouint,
  • amoust,
  • muont,
  • amonunt,
  • amunaty,
  • ammune,
  • appomint,
  • apound,
  • asound,
  • afound,
  • emment,
  • amentiy,
  • ammentie,
  • amountof,
  • aminita,
  • amoutnt,
  • amune,
  • amunt,
  • aomong,
  • ameutur,
  • abount,
  • amountis,
  • ambiant,
  • acoount,
  • amountt,
  • emonth,
  • amoount.

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Rhymes for amount:

  1. count, blount, mount, mt;
  2. discount, surmount, account, recount, miscount;

Translations for amount:

Afrikaans words for Amount

aantal, hoogte.

Arabic word for Amount


Bengali word for Amount


Catalan word for Amount


Chinese word for Amount


Danish word for Amount


Dutch words for Amount

hoeveelheid, bedrag.

French words for Amount

contribution, volume, prix, montant, quantité, somme, valeur, teneur, montante.

German words for Amount

Umfang, Anteil, Betragen, Betrag, Höhe, Summe, Menge, Anzahl, Geldbetrag, Quantum, Anfall, ausmachen, Saldo, total, Volumen, Dose, Chiffre.

Greek word for Amount


Hindi word for Amount


Italian words for Amount

importo, corrispettivo, quantitativo, quantità.

Japanese words for Amount

価額, 分量, かがく, ぶんりょう.

Korean word for Amount


Malay word for Amount


Marathi word for Amount


Norwegian word for Amount


Polish words for Amount

kwota, wysokość, liczba.

Portuguese words for Amount

quantidade, quantia, soma.

Romanian word for Amount


Russian words for Amount

количество, сумма, объём.

Spanish words for Amount

precio, valor, cantidad, monto, cuantía, importe, mate, medida, cifra, suma.

Swedish word for Amount


Tamil word for Amount


Turkish word for Amount


Ukrainian word for Amount


Vietnamese word for Amount

số lượng.