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How To Spell amputation?

Correct spelling: amputation

Definition of amputation:

  1. a condition of disability resulting from the loss of one or more limbs

List of misspellings for amputation:

  • occuptation,
  • opertation,
  • aministartion,
  • amputarion,
  • sompetition,
  • ampetamine,
  • admistation,
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  • admitutartion.

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Annemie Schneider



Annemie Schneider is a former German paralympic athlete, that won 8 medals at the Winter Paralympics. During 2006 Winter Paralympics were inducted into Paralympic Hall of Fame.

Bo Holmström


Swedish journalist

Bo Eric Holmström, was a Swedish journalist, reporter and author. He worked as a reporter both for SVT and TV4. He was the Swedish reporter covering the Norrmalmstorg robbery in 1973 and the West German Embassy siege in 1975.

Ivy Gunter



Ivy Stephenson Gunter is an amputee, fashion model, osteosarcoma survivor, inspirational speaker, and fitness enthusiast. She is the author of the book On the Ragged Edge of Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation


Medical institution in West Orange, New Jersey

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation is a division of the Select Medical Corporation that provides physical medicine and rehabilitation programs and services. There are currently three inpatient rehabilitation facilities located throughout New Jersey.

Martina Caironi


Olympic athlete

Martina Caironi is an Italian Paralympic athlete. She competed at the 2012 and 2016 Paralympics and won a gold medal in the 100 m sprint in 2012 and a silver in the long jump in 2016.

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Quotes for amputation:

  1. A divorce is like an amputation: you survive it, but there's less of you.

Rhymes for amputation:

  1. electrification, oxidation, overpopulation, privation, reaffirmation, interrogation, stagflation, croatian, violation, miseration, communication, designation, glorification, desperation, magnetization, mitigation, destination, denationalization, affrication, intimation, deformation, duration, reauthorization, disinclination, domestication, sanctification, compensation, sophistication, speculation, oscillation, procrastination, incrustation, adoration, derivation, annexation, fumigation, levitation, solicitation, computerization, consternation, generalization, publication, dilation, centralization, recrimination, formulation, inhabitation, resuscitation, recreation, deregulation, congratulation, adulation, misapplication, appropriation, configuration, implementation, pronunciation, isolation, exploration, hibernation, irritation, exclamation, strangulation, constipation, oration, expiration, exacerbation, recitation, exhilaration, alteration, denunciation, facilitation, recantation, corroboration, jubilation, repatriation, exfoliation, pollination, alienation, rehydration, gentrification, dramatization, corporation, dehydration, inoculation, exasperation, imagination, embarkation, revitalization, reverberation, incorporation, misidentification, inflammation, relation, dictation, illumination, inspiration, exoneration, reforestation, subluxation, nationalization, coronation, maximization, information, allocation, dislocation, declaration, permutation, politicization, popularization, allegation, initiation, misrepresentation, innovation, recommendation, graduation, fermentation, nomination, monopolization, indemnification, personalization, modification, sensation, delineation, obligation, ordination, exhumation, localization, origination, quotation, escalation, sedimentation, coagulation, enumeration, ovulation, disintegration, contemplation, taxation, approximation, estimation, indoctrination, vibration, maturation, emancipation, corp, profanation, equalization, ossification, admiration, vaporization, disputation, manifestation, improvisation, transplantation, reunification, conservation, orchestration, perpetuation, verification, intonation, identification, motivation, demonstration, frustration, deliberation, collectivization, vilification, habitation, neutralization, unification, impregnation, education, avocation, stimulation, dissertation, precipitation, correlation, foliation, appalachian, stalinization, refrigeration, divination, amplification, gastrulation, implantation, hesitation, concatenation, equivocation, depopulation, figuration, hydrogenation, certification, amelioration, liberalization, conflagration, mummification, termination, incrimination, elation, sterilization, pigmentation, consolidation, fertilization, nitration, laceration, purification, restoration, expatriation, advocation, hallucination, hospitalization, elimination, documentation, nonproliferation, desecration, flirtation, location, insinuation, 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  2. nation, station, ration, haitian;
  3. carnation, alsatian, cessation, cetacean, castration, citation, causation;
  4. abrogation, aberration, acclimation, activation, accusation, abdication;
  5. abomination, acceleration, accommodation, accreditation, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, capitalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for amputation:

Afrikaans word for Amputation


Bengali word for Amputation


Chinese word for Amputation


French word for Amputation


Greek word for Amputation


Hindi word for Amputation


Italian words for Amputation

amputare, amputazione.

Japanese word for Amputation


Korean word for Amputation


Malay word for Amputation


Marathi word for Amputation


Norwegian word for Amputation


Polish word for Amputation


Portuguese word for Amputation


Russian word for Amputation


Spanish word for Amputation


Tamil word for Amputation


Turkish word for Amputation

uzvun kesilmesi.

Ukrainian word for Amputation


Vietnamese word for Amputation

sự cưa đi.