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How To Spell an?

Correct spelling: an

List of misspellings for an:

  • a1,
  • awnry,
  • earna,
  • anko,
  • a2,
  • ajurn,
  • aenough,
  • eacn,
  • eanough,
  • a14,
  • eaing,
  • ano,
  • anywy,
  • in2008,
  • annna,
  • han,
  • ahown,
  • 6and,
  • enugh,
  • 45am,
  • 8in,
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  • 6on,
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  • ao,
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What does the abbreviation an mean?


An as a boy's name.

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This graph shows how "an" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for an:

  1. ann, can, kan, clan, flan, nan, fran, lann, plan, yan, mann, brann, span, san, thanh, ran, cannes, flann, dan, dann, tann, jann, pran, man, spokane, than, anne, vann, lan, jan, han, chan, gran, gan, bran, ban, jaan, scan, caen, duan, fan, gann, mahn, blan, van, tran, phan, cahn, whan, cann, pan, tan, klan, rann, shan, ahn, stan;
  2. dyane, cyan, pecan, chapin, lausanne, beagan, roseanne, georgann, lianne, cezanne, saran, sedan, dyan, roxanne, joanne, suzanne, ruthann, macmahon, iran, susann, beavan, rosanne, cspan, liane, japan, outman, susanne, doran, leann, diane, chauvin, gauvain, rattan, jourdan, sudan, joann, divan, dianne, bhutan, moran, diahann, toussaint, louanne, mccann, duran, rodin, began, cheyenne;
  3. soloman, mcmahon, kazakhstan, kellyanne, overran, ariane, marianne, minivan, harmattan, maryann, gloriane, maryanne, liliane;
  4. catamaran;

Translations for an:

Afrikaans word for An


Albanian word for An


Arabic word for An

اداة نكرة في الانجليزية ولا يعادلها شئ في العربية.

Catalan words for An

un, una.

Chinese word for An


Czech word for An


Danish word for An


German words for An

an, ein, um.

Hindi word for An


Italian words for An

uno, un, uno.

Japanese word for An


Javanese word for An


Korean word for An

어떤 하나의.

Marathi word for An


Polish word for An

rodzajnik nieokreślony, nie tłumaczy się na język polski.

Portuguese word for An


Russian word for An

(неопределенный артикль).

Tamil word for An


Turkish word for An


Ukrainian word for An

неозначений артикль; вживається перед іменниками на a, e, i, o, or u..

Vietnamese word for An


Welsh word for An