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How To Spell anxiety?

Correct spelling: anxiety

List of misspellings for anxiety:

  • anixtey,
  • anxioity,
  • anciety,
  • angsioty,
  • enxiety,
  • anxioty,
  • anxietiy,
  • anmesty,
  • anixeity,
  • aanxiety,
  • aniety,
  • anxitity,
  • aphyxiate,
  • axity,
  • anxities,
  • anxetiety,
  • anxity,
  • anxiwty,
  • inaxsity,
  • anxety,
  • aniexity,
  • annxiety,
  • angxiety,
  • angsietys,
  • anxitiy,
  • angsiaty,
  • anxitey,
  • anxsiety,
  • angzity,
  • angsiety,
  • anaxiety,
  • insociety,
  • alngside,
  • antianxiety,
  • anixity,
  • anomisty,
  • anxyity,
  • anxietys,
  • anomocity,
  • anxieous,
  • anxiouty,
  • anxicity,
  • anxierties,
  • anexity,
  • amongist,
  • anzioty,
  • angty,
  • anxieyt,
  • aniexty,
  • anixety,
  • ancity,
  • angziaty,
  • anxieity,
  • anxitety,
  • enthicity,
  • anixty,
  • anziety,
  • anxiey,
  • anxisity,
  • anxiousity,
  • anccient,
  • anxiatys,
  • inginuety,
  • axiety,
  • anxeity,
  • ansitiy,
  • inguinety,
  • angziity,
  • anxaity,
  • anniversaty,
  • anzity,
  • anoxeria,
  • anexted,
  • axniety,
  • angsty,
  • anxiaty,
  • anciet,
  • anxcity,
  • angsity,
  • againsty,
  • enxiaty,
  • anxiedy,
  • axniexty,
  • anxietly,
  • andget,
  • anxsity,
  • anamocity,
  • anxirty,
  • anxies,
  • anxiaties,
  • anixiety,
  • anxierty,
  • anxiet,
  • angecy,
  • anarkist,
  • anxiity,
  • minxparty,
  • anexed,
  • annixiety,
  • anxiuos.

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Anxiety and Depression Association of America


Nonprofit organization

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America is a U.S. nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and improving the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of anxiety disorders in children and adults.

Fear, Anxiety and Depression


1989 film

Fear, Anxiety & Depression is a 1989 American comedy film written and directed by Todd Solondz and starring Solondz, Stanley Tucci and Jill Wisoff.

Hallucinating Anxiety


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Hallucinating Anxiety is the debut album by the Norwegian death metal band Cadaver. It was released in 1990 through Necrosis, a sub-label of Earache Records run by members of popular grindcore/death metal band Carcass.

Sandra Gilbert



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Quotes for anxiety:

  1. Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.
  2. Anxiety is the beginning of conscience, which is the parent of the soul but is not compatible with innocence.
  3. Even during the rationing period, during World War II, we didn't have the anxiety that we'd starve, because we grew our own potatoes, you know? And our own hogs, and our own cows and stuff, you know.
  4. At some stages of your life you will deal with things and at others you are overwhelmed with misery and anxiety.
  5. What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease.

Translations for anxiety:

Afrikaans word for Anxiety


Arabic word for Anxiety


Chinese words for Anxiety

恤, 愁苦, 愁肠, 心病.

French words for Anxiety

souci, peur, anxiété, angoisse, crainte.

German words for Anxiety

Sorge, Besorgnis, Beunruhigung, Unruhe, Angst, Furcht, Beklemmung, Angstzustand, Ängstlichkeit, Angstgefühl, Unbehagen, Beklommenheit.

Greek word for Anxiety


Japanese words for Anxiety

不安, 心配, 憂い, 憂慮, かけかまい, きたい, 憂え, 畏れ, 苦心, 怖れ, 後顧, 奇胎, 掛け構い, うれえ, 物案じ, 危惧, ものおもい, 気掛かり, 気がかり, 苦, 掛構い, 恐れ, 虞, 物思い, くしん, 鬼胎.

Javanese word for Anxiety


Malay word for Anxiety


Norwegian word for Anxiety


Polish words for Anxiety

obawa, troska.

Portuguese words for Anxiety

ânsia, ansiedade.

Romanian word for Anxiety


Russian words for Anxiety

страх, тревога, тревожность, опасения.

Spanish words for Anxiety

inquietud, angustia, miedo, ansiedad, ansias.

Tamil word for Anxiety


Turkish word for Anxiety


Vietnamese word for Anxiety

sự lo lắng.