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Spell Check of Anya

Correct spelling: Anya

Common misspellings for Anya:

anya, anyware.

Anya \a-nya, an-ya\

resurrection; He (God) has favored me
Anya as a girl's name is a variant of Anastasia (Greek) and Ann (Hebrew), and the meaning of Anya is "resurrection; He (God) has favored me".
Anna, Ania, Aenya, Ana, Aniya, Anyu, Enya.

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Examples of usage for Anya:

  1. The next to arrive were two Dolls; one, blue- eyed Anya with a slightly damaged nose; the other, black- eyed Katya with one arm missing. "Verotchka's Tales" , Mamin Siberiak.
  2. " And you are always ready to argue," said Anya. "Verotchka's Tales" , Mamin Siberiak.
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