How To Spell anyway?

Correct spelling: anyway

What is the definition of anyway?

  1. Alt. of Anyways

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What are the translations for anyway?

Arabic word for Anyway

على أَيِّ حال.

Bengali word for Anyway

যাহাই হউক না কেন.

Chinese word for Anyway


Dutch words for Anyway

toch, trouwens, in ieder geval, hoe dan ook.

French words for Anyway

bien, de toute façon, quand même.

German words for Anyway

trotzdem, immerhin, doch, ohnehin, sowieso, eh, jedenfalls, wie dem auch sei, in jedem Falle.

Hindi word for Anyway

वैसे भी.

Italian word for Anyway


Japanese words for Anyway

どうでも, どっちみち, とまれ, 何方道.

Malay word for Anyway


Norwegian word for Anyway


Polish words for Anyway

mimo to, w każdym razie, tak czy owak.

Portuguese words for Anyway

afinal, de qualquer forma, de qualquer modo, enfim.

Romanian word for Anyway


Spanish words for Anyway

bueno, de todos modos, de todas maneras, como quiera que sea.

Swedish word for Anyway

i alla fall.

Tamil word for Anyway


Turkish word for Anyway


Ukrainian word for Anyway

в будь-якому разі.