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What are the rhymes for appeal?

  1. teal, he'll, meal, peel, mele, creel, teel, beall, steal, scheele, gilles, peal, steel, diel, seel, zele, beale, smeal, kneel, real, steele, neal, squeal, weil, leal, deel, reel, neall, peale, heel, riel, neil, neel, neill, peele, beal, cele, neale, feel, veal, beil, keel, deale, shiel, eel, spiel, deal, she'll, teale, heal, skeel, wheel, neile, zeal, niel, we'll, teall, kiel, seal, ciel;
  2. mcneal, ideal, mcneill, corneal, brasil, lucile, congeal, o'neill, conceal, lucille, reveal, puerile, unreal, emil, surreal, repeal, shaquille, macneill, abele, cecile, macneal, anneal, o'neal, ferrill, morrill, mcneil, reseal, camille, unseal, adriel, ordeal, emile, oneal, nevil, verrill, genteel, savill;
  3. averill, villarreal;
  4. automobile;

What are the translations for appeal?

Afrikaans word for Appeal


Arabic word for Appeal


Bengali word for Appeal


Chinese words for Appeal

诉愿, 情趣, 上诉法院, 祈求.

French words for Appeal

manifeste, appel, recours, attrait, faire appel, être attrayant, être tentant, vocation, pourvoi, recours en appel.

German words for Appeal

Bitte, Wirkung, Revision, Gesuch, Gefallen, Reiz, Attraktivität, Berufung, Appell, Einspruch, Anreiz, sich wenden, appellieren, Berufung einlegen, zusagen, anfechten, Aufruf, Beschwerde, Anziehungskraft, Charme, Anklang, Ausstrahlung, Anrufung, Anfechtung, Rechtsbeschwerde, Berufungsklage, Zugkraft, Anziehung, dringende Bitte, Appellation, Anklang finden, Einspruch erheben, reizen, Widerspruch einlegen, Revision einlegen, in Revision gehen, in die Berufung gehen.

Greek word for Appeal


Hindi word for Appeal


Italian words for Appeal

fascino, appeal, ricorso, attrattiva, richiamo, impugnazione, sentenza, appello.

Japanese words for Appeal

魅力, アピール, 呼びかけ, 訴願, 嘆願, 陳情, 迫力, くすぐる, 要請, 呼び掛け, はくりょく, 面白味, あいそ, たんがん, 泣き付く, 激を飛ばす, ちんじょう, ようせい, そきゅう, みりょく, 擽ぐる, 哀願, おもしろみ, げきを飛ばす, 面白み, こんせい, 泣きつく, 歎願, 擽る, 呼掛ける, アピる, もとめ, よびかける, よびかけ, アッピール, 哀訴, 檄を飛ばす, なきつく, そがん.

Javanese words for Appeal

Apel, Mréntahaké.

Korean word for Appeal


Malay word for Appeal


Norwegian word for Appeal


Portuguese words for Appeal

atrair, apelo, atrativo, apelação, atratividade, súplica.

Russian words for Appeal

обжалование, призыв, апелляция, привлекательность, воззвание.

Spanish words for Appeal

llamado, solicitud, apelación, llamamiento, apelar, atraer, recorrer, pedido, atractivo, recurso, recurrir, llamada, encanto, gracia, atracción, casación, ruego.

Swedish word for Appeal


Tamil word for Appeal


Turkish word for Appeal


Vietnamese word for Appeal

lời kêu gọi.