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How To Spell application?

Correct spelling: application

What are the misspellings for application ?

  • applicaton,
  • appelaction,
  • eplantion,
  • applecation,
  • apprection,
  • applcations,
  • appliaction,
  • applicaion,
  • applcaition,
  • applycation,
  • apprecation,
  • appolication,
  • alllocation,
  • eploration,
  • aplification,
  • applicane,
  • aplications,
  • appoligising,
  • applocations,
  • applcaiton,
  • appliacation,
  • apprectation,
  • afflication,
  • aplicacion,
  • applicatioins,
  • applicatant,
  • apperication,
  • appllication,
  • appacation,
  • applicawons,
  • applicatiion,
  • applicaiotn,
  • applacations,
  • appilation,
  • applilcation,
  • aplication,
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  • aplcation,
  • aaplication,
  • appliation,
  • applicationi,
  • appalication,
  • aplacation,
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  • applicationss,
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  • idealllocation,
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  • applicantion,
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  • appliication,
  • applaication,
  • implycation.

What is the definition of application?

  1. liquid preparation having a soothing or antiseptic or medicinal action when applied to the skin; "a lotion for dry skin"

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What are the quotes for application?

  1. The gratification of wealth is not found in mere possession or in lavish expenditure, but in its wise application.
  2. I'm perplexed, though, by your application of the term 'negative' to my figural imagery.
  3. There is nothing in the genius of America more precious today than the spirit of religious and political tolerance in its application to our own people.
  4. There is a limit to the application of democratic methods. You can inquire of all the passengers as to what type of car they like to ride in, but it is impossible to question them as to whether to apply the brakes when the train is at full speed and accident threatens.
  5. The human mind is capable of excitement without the application of gross and violent stimulants; and he must have a very faint perception of its beauty and dignity who does not know this.

What are the rhymes for application?

  1. equivocation, utilization, emanation, imitation, continuation, exhilaration, indemnification, recantation, gratification, violation, prognostication, deflation, westernization, overpopulation, amalgamation, vilification, affirmation, correlation, consolation, hydration, pontification, desiccation, confederation, decontamination, hydrogenation, explication, miscalculation, filtration, defamation, incrustation, conciliation, decertification, valuation, preservation, criminalization, urbanization, motivation, recalculation, animation, medication, excavation, conglomeration, inoculation, congregation, privatization, manipulation, damnation, illumination, congratulation, enumeration, equalization, reconsideration, dilatation, malformation, relaxation, demobilization, population, generation, restoration, emigration, radiation, fermentation, dilation, ovation, realization, infiltration, emancipation, decapitation, negotiation, admiration, celebration, invocation, registration, consideration, corp, alteration, precipitation, consternation, transillumination, evocation, amputation, protestation, divination, evacuation, deliberation, operation, colonization, organisation, depreciation, socialization, reaffiliation, repatriation, education, disinflation, telecommunication, sensation, meditation, appalachian, transplantation, convocation, coronation, respiration, maximization, miniaturization, degeneration, federation, gyration, procreation, concentration, mummification, infestation, adoration, declaration, separation, duration, desecration, demodulation, miscreation, vulgarization, collaboration, stabilization, proliferation, liquidation, facilitation, reservation, glaciation, elimination, indentation, adaptation, advocation, exploitation, culmination, insinuation, configuration, edification, designation, commemoration, rejuvenation, duplication, modernization, translation, reallocation, sterilization, legislation, hospitalization, inauguration, recertification, conflagration, polarization, reclassification, horatian, explanation, denomination, normalization, reflation, pagination, improvisation, perpetuation, prefabrication, consummation, depopulation, dictation, exhumation, reforestation, devastation, demonstration, vocation, publication, narration, propagation, profanation, mechanization, insulation, notification, fluoridation, qualification, popularization, distillation, nationalization, embarkation, computerization, compilation, certification, conversation, personalization, oxidation, mitigation, compensation, saponification, deforestation, expiration, misrepresentation, fortification, allegation, rededication, lubrication, annotation, fibrillation, ejaculation, clarification, incorporation, segregation, delegation, documentation, amplification, revitalization, nomination, suffocation, condemnation, augmentation, gastrulation, consultation, commendation, nondiscrimination, implication, negation, machination, disembarkation, coordination, mediation, appreciation, authentication, reconciliation, mutilation, intimidation, tabulation, levitation, destination, prostration, exaggeration, inclination, ostentation, retardation, investigation, formation, expectation, recrimination, formulation, disputation, confirmation, deceleration, privatisation, argumentation, deprivation, discoloration, illustration, resignation, misinterpretation, taxation, depravation, reputation, adjudication, electrification, contemplation, croatian, magnetization, combination, dissemination, intonation, balkanization, reparation, exhalation, alleviation, aspiration, installation, corporation, liberation, sedimentation, rationalization, naturalization, preparation, masturbation, avocation, reaffirmation, condensation, experimentation, renomination, devaluation, expatriation, disqualification, subluxation, reverberation, molestation, organization, demoralization, proration, proclamation, differentiation, termination, diversification, elevation, specification, presentation, gradation, revocation, falsification, deportation, immigration, exacerbation, standardization, hyperinflation, exhortation, amelioration, vegetation, conservation, palpitation, altercation, location, localization, authorization, quantification, redecoration, speculation, ventilation, subordination, situation, conjugation, isolation, rotation, variation, agglomeration, regimentation, misappropriation, solicitation, perforation, escalation, information, dissipation, manifestation, sophistication, identification, depredation, punctuation, exoneration, aviation, capitulation, inhabitation, reorganization, summation, vaccination, equitation, purification, intimation, approximation, harmonization, echolocation, hesitation, creation, pronunciation, flirtation, deformation, elongation, irrigation, ratification, centralization, predestination, notation, refutation, reunification, miseration, impersonation, hibernation, misapplication, permutation, nucleation, reincarnation, dehydration, multiplication, calibration, commercialization, misidentification, characterization, figuration, appropriation, replication, calculation, regulation, transformation, inflation, saturation, detonation, recitation, adulation, imputation, retaliation, insemination, pasteurization, stipulation, usurpation, reinterpretation, incoordination, desalination, cremation, hallucination, affiliation, civilization, instigation, exploration, syndication, intensification, classification, cancellation, indignation, evaluation, indoctrination, irradiation, personification, probation, fluctuation, segmentation, annexation, strangulation, interrogation, destabilization, menstruation, assassination, confrontation, triangulation, dissertation, premeditation, moderation, decentralization, gravitation, resuscitation, dramatization, orchestration, relation, relocation, tribulation, dispensation, stagflation, ovulation, disorientation, renunciation, vibration, misinformation, foliation, reiteration, participation, amortization, expropriation, inspiration, obfuscation, derivation, rehabilitation, implantation, intoxication, ligation, rehydration, inhalation, rectification, exasperation, repudiation, foundation, domestication, russification, deviation, salvation, reformation, accumulation, preoccupation, vaporization, reconfiguration, observation, victimization, computation, granulation, vacation, revelation, affectation, renovation, fascination, transportation, fumigation, disinformation, mutation, reevaluation, recuperation, infatuation, ornamentation, coagulation, fabrication, desolation, overvaluation, plantation, privation, ionization, democratization, elaboration, sanitation, mineralization, indication, incapacitation, securitization, recommendation, titillation, donation, articulation, liberalization, unionization, categorization, visualization, disinclination, perturbation, instrumentation, validation, confabulation, optimization, immunization, provocation, invalidation, optation, interpretation, maturation, origination, libration, bifurcation, renegotiation, desegregation, decoration, assimilation, remuneration, emulation, collectivization, allocation, navigation, elation, corroboration, humiliation, disintegration, procrastination, dehumanization, dislocation, litigation, automation, cohabitation, inundation, deregulation, stimulation, graduation, trepidation, integration, jubilation, glorification, simulation, cultivation, impregnation, rumination, justification, codification, nullification, insubordination, discontinuation, importation, obligation, habitation, ossification, dissociation, detoxification, stagnation, exfoliation, mobilization, reconfirmation, exclamation, remediation, incarnation, miscommunication, unification, pollination, migration, pressurization, politicization, substantiation, legalization, eradication, dedication, toleration, consecration, extermination, agitation, excommunication, approbation, crustacean, incrimination, simplification, appellation, annihilation, industrialization, pacification, starvation, incarceration, consolidation, fertilization, magnification, backwardation, desperation, innovation, discrimination, self-congratulation, incantation, connotation, modulation, disorganization, christianization, affrication, reinvigoration, extrapolation, reexamination, refrigeration, concatenation, undervaluation, temptation, complication, inactivation, sanctification, nitration, denunciation, neutralization, examination, imagination, sarmatian, sedation, reclamation, demarcation, occupation, stalinization, vacillation, vindication, confiscation, denationalization, arbitration, gentrification, implementation, hybridization, fragmentation, constellation, marginalization, delineation, cooperation, suburbanization, modification, invitation, oscillation, initiation, communization, determination, cogitation, contamination, sequestration, quotation, communication, indexation, globalization, representation, frustration, pigmentation, visitation, monopolization, recreation, limitation, generalization, demonization, excitation, domination, irritation, gestation, specialization, evaporation, incubation, gasification, fixation, revaluation, ministration, coloration, anticipation, ordination, laceration, dalmatian, inflammation, germination, oration, constipation, lactation, orientation, subsidization, regeneration, ramification, verification, reauthorization, perspiration, flotation, association, desalinization, alienation, nonproliferation, deification, degradation, aggravation, estimation;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. citation, castration, cetacean, alsatian, causation, carnation, cessation;
  4. accusation, activation, abrogation, abdication, acclimation, aberration;
  5. abomination, accreditation, acceleration, accommodation, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

What are the translations for application?

Afrikaans word for Application


Arabic word for Application


Chinese words for Application

用途, 应用程式, 申请书, 用场, 应用, 应用程序, 敷用药膏, 勤勉.

Dutch words for Application

gebruik, applicatie, toepassing, verzoek, aanvraag, sollicitatie, inschrijving, verzoekschrift, aanbrenging, tenuitvoerlegging.

French words for Application

demande, application, candidature, traitement, recours, formulaire, emploi, utilisation, sollicitation, mise en pratique.

German words for Application

Antrag, Einsatz, Gesuch, Ansuchen, auftragen, Anwendung, Anmeldung, Bewerbung, Einsatzgebiet, Programm, Nutzung, Applikation, Verwendung, Umsetzung, Beantragung, Gebrauch, Bewerbungsunterlagen, Anwendungsfall, Anwendungsgebiet, Antragstellung, Auftrag, Einsatzfall, Verwertung, Anwendbarkeit, Aufbringung, Bewerbungsschreiben, Geltung, Auftragung, Einsatzmöglichkeit, Nutzanwendung, Fleiß, Verwendbarkeit, Zusatz, Applizierung, Einsatzfeld.

Greek word for Application


Hindi word for Application


Italian words for Application

applicazione, domanda, istanza, impiego.

Japanese words for Application

アプリケーション, 出願, 利用, 応用, 応募, 活用, 運用, アプリ, 申込, 印加, 応用力, 願い出, 適用業務, うんよう, てきようぎょうむ, たんねん, 丹念, かつよう, ねがい, ねがいで, せいきゅう, いんか, しゅつがん, おうようりょく, おうぼ, りよう, しがん.

Javanese word for Application


Korean word for Application


Malay word for Application


Marathi word for Application


Norwegian word for Application


Polish words for Application

wniosek, zastosowanie, wykorzystanie, aplikacja, stosowanie, podanie.

Portuguese words for Application

requerimento, proposta, aplicação, utilização, aplicativo, candidatura, inscrição, processo, formulário, pedido de registo, solicitação formal.

Romanian word for Application


Russian words for Application

применение, ходатайство, нанесение, прилежание.

Spanish words for Application

solicitud, aplicación, uso, pedido, demanda, celo, recurso, diligencia.

Swedish word for Application


Tamil word for Application


Turkish word for Application


Vietnamese word for Application

đơn xin.