How To Spell apply?

Correct spelling: apply

What is the definition of apply?

  1. ask (for something); "He applied for a leave of absence"; "She applied for college"; "apply for a job"

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What are the rhymes for apply?

  1. lie, kai, pry, thy, dye, by, vi, tsai, chi, psi, sy, bye, tie, sci, jai, ai, sri, dry, my, cry, ly, cy, phi, guy, wy, ply, frye, phy, high, pie, brye, hy, eye, nye, nigh, pi, kyi, mei, chai, tai, wye, ngai, why, fae, cai, try, pri, wai, fly, thai, shy, sigh, hi, fry, keye, lye, bi, ty, sky, flye, sly, rye, bae, lai, fi, fye, wry, sty, chae, nie, shai, vie, pty, tye, pae, sai, aye, die, yie, bly, ay, gae, spy, tae, lxi, gyi, vy, spry, dai, thigh, kwai, buy, mai, pye, bligh;
  2. decry, hi-fi, thereby, defy, good-bye, bonsai, goodbye, retry, standby, rely, supply, iwai, comply, versailles, alai, nearby, whereby, july, ally, kanai, mihai, deny, mcfly, hereby, belie, shanghai, descry, awry, reply, bye-bye, brunei, imply, uy, dubai, untie, imai;
  3. overfly, underlie, resupply, misapply, dui;
  4. isty, cspi, oversupply;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for apply?

Arabic word for Apply

يَتَقَدَّمُ بِطَلَب.

Bengali word for Apply

প্রয়োগ করা.

Chinese word for Apply


Dutch words for Apply

hanteren, toepassing, toedienen, toepassen, aanbrengen, implementeren, opgaan.

French words for Apply

mettre, appliquer, s'appliquer, postuler, s'adresser, exercer, poser une candidature, mettre en pratique, imposer, respecter, employer, régir, mettre en œuvre, mettre en application.

German words for Apply

beantragen, gelten, anwenden, verwenden, auftragen, zutreffen, Anwendung finden, einsetzen, anlegen, legen, aufbringen, applizieren, anziehen, auflegen, passen, gebrauchen, betätigen, handhaben, bewerben (sich).

Greek word for Apply

υποβάλλω αίτηση.

Italian words for Apply

applicare, esercitare, candidarsi, richiedere.

Japanese words for Apply

反映, 当てはめる, あてはめる, 反影, 当て嵌める, アプライ.

Javanese word for Apply


Korean word for Apply


Malay word for Apply


Norwegian word for Apply


Polish words for Apply

stosować się, stosować, złożyć podanie, zastosować, mieć zastosowanie, aplikować, zaaplikować, obowiązywać, zgłosić się.

Portuguese words for Apply

requerer, candidatar-se, empregar, ministrar, pôr em prática.

Romanian word for Apply

a aplica.

Russian words for Apply

применять, применяться, наносить, прилагать.

Spanish words for Apply

solicitar, pedir, poner, presentarse, aplicar, utilizar, emplear, adoptar, implementar, usar, ejercer, postular.

Swedish word for Apply


Tamil word for Apply


Turkish word for Apply


Ukrainian word for Apply

подавати заяву.

Vietnamese word for Apply

làm đơn xin.