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How To Spell appointed?

Correct spelling: appointed

Definition of appointed:

  1. selected for a job; "the one appointed for guard duty"

List of misspellings for appointed:

  • aqauinted,
  • apperciated,
  • apodted,
  • appointm,
  • appoinent,
  • apponted,
  • oppoint,
  • apdotted,
  • oppionated,
  • approaited,
  • appecated,
  • aprhodite,
  • opinonated,
  • approitate,
  • appointmet,
  • opponate,
  • apponient,
  • appantly,
  • appoitned,
  • oppinonated,
  • apointee,
  • assianted,
  • apperiated,
  • diaponted,
  • oppointent,
  • opporntuites,
  • appernetly,
  • pointedd,
  • approiated,
  • apperceated,
  • oppuntinty,
  • inapporpiate,
  • opputinty,
  • apeptite,
  • arpounfd,
  • opponett,
  • diapointed,
  • opinioniated,
  • apponited,
  • appoinmet,
  • appontent,
  • apprioated,
  • opputinity,
  • opionated,
  • aprodite,
  • appointet,
  • appeceated,
  • appointmetn,
  • oppisted,
  • oppurnutity,
  • apointent,
  • apprishated,
  • oppountiy,
  • acqainted,
  • apparnet,
  • annonted,
  • apreiated,
  • appricited,
  • aquiainted,
  • oppontent,
  • amoiunted,
  • appiontied,
  • opporuntity,
  • oppinionated,
  • appitiete,
  • ppointed,
  • appiptite,
  • appriteate,
  • appercatied,
  • apoointed,
  • aquainted,
  • apparnetly,
  • oppruntity,
  • oppontes,
  • appciated,
  • annointed,
  • app0inted,
  • oponionated,
  • appointemt,
  • appointant,
  • oppuntinity,
  • apppointed,
  • opponite,
  • appearnetly,
  • appitete,
  • appointmemt,
  • appearntly,
  • opinionted,
  • appiciated,
  • appointe,
  • opnionated,
  • apponit,
  • opioninated,
  • apiptite,
  • reapointed,
  • appeneded,
  • ahprodite,
  • apperntely,
  • appeciated,
  • annoited.

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"How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic" is the second episode of the first season of the television series Rome. With growing political tensions at home, Caesar needs a voice within the Senate, and Mark Antony is not above accepting the gift of a bought office.

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Kwan Tsui Hang is a member of the Legislative Assembly of Macau. Kwan Tsui Hang obtained her graduate degree in sociology at University of Hong Kong and Jinan University. Kwan Tsui Hang is married to Lee Kuok Vá and have two sons.

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Quotes for appointed:

  1. If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well.
  2. The best security for civilization is the dwelling, and upon properly appointed and becoming dwellings depends, more than anything else, the improvement of mankind.
  3. We can easily manage if we will only take, each day, the burden appointed to it. But the load will be too heavy for us if we carry yesterday's burden over again today, and then add the burden of the morrow before we are required to bear it.
  4. Everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour.
  5. But when one believes that you've been appointed by God for a particular mission in history, you have to be very careful about that, how you speak about that. Where is the self -reflection in that? Where is the humility in that?

Translations for appointed:

Afrikaans word for Appointed


Bengali word for Appointed


Chinese word for Appointed


French word for Appointed


German word for Appointed


Greek word for Appointed


Hindi word for Appointed


Italian word for Appointed


Japanese word for Appointed


Javanese word for Appointed


Korean word for Appointed


Malay word for Appointed


Marathi word for Appointed


Norwegian word for Appointed


Polish word for Appointed


Portuguese words for Appointed

encarregado, nomeado, selecionado, apontados, estabelecida, apontado, escolhido, designada, eleito, apontada, mandatados, mandatado, indigitado.

Romanian word for Appointed


Russian words for Appointed

назначенный, условленный, утверждённый, оснащённый, назначен.

Spanish words for Appointed

indicado, destinado, marcado, fijado, nombrado, designado, previsto, contratado, elegido, asignado.

Swedish word for Appointed


Tamil word for Appointed


Turkish word for Appointed


Ukrainian word for Appointed