How To Spell appointee?

Correct spelling: appointee

What is the definition of appointee?

  1. an official who is appointed

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What are the rhymes for appointee?

  1. mi, trainee, enlistee, v, slee, draftee, fop, rupee, z, nestle, conferee, oversea, pattee, resignee, detainee, goatee, de, sightsee, decree, quai, d, key, disagree, leigh, flee, mcghee, t, gyi, see, gee, thee, knee, chablis, yippee, ki, cac, emcee, apc, we, thierry, mme, lessee, g, qi, valoree, njt, parolee, lxi, spree, markee, xie, undersea, brie, sri, qui, ski, nie, nic, loree, ged, bibi, whoopee, cree, fsi, marie, mcgee, sheree, wee, b, ab, gutsy, repartee, trustee, she, fee, chee, louie, bourgeoisie, licensee, klee, dupree, musee, potpourri, re, nabil, nee, magee, eap, bee, rea, banshee, bree, vi, bbc, mc, yangtze, guarani, pea, ravi, devotee, jessee, crea, lsd, internee, yi, ddt, sie, jee, smee, he, honoree, ghee, dea, c, waikiki, ree, tree, escapee, oad, plea, mea, ze, prix, deportee, cd, cxc, p, flea, marquee, ye, ib, debris, pointy, tee, shri, mt, referee, spie, lea, the, dee, si, kyi, thi, lp, ot, free, ne, curie, tenn, henri, tse, je, ve, indri, tv, hee, li, xi, kea, pree, snee, syp, mit, khe, guarantee, designee, quay, yie, ee, yee, ji, rosemarie, vee, id, rb, degree, pawnee, te, vendee, cyb, mee, mpg, tea, chea, zea, tyree, zee, franchisee, nominee, jie, ofc, atp, foresee, sze, bui, lavie, ti, jubilee, fi, ranee, three, capri, cie, dsv, glee, marquis, sci, inductee, retiree, sea, cc, bt, nghi, esprit, c3, m3, se, lee, bea, dundee, rosalee, be, blea, odp, andree, pri, brea, me, cod, enrollee, sep, guaranty, kee, shi, ip, tennessee, cat-3, jaycee;
  2. albee, achee, adee, ac, alee, abee, agree;
  3. adoptee, amc, abt, absentee, amputee, adoree, addressee;
  4. interviewee, knbc, lapd, geac, hnat, irit;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for appointee?

Arabic word for Appointee


Bengali word for Appointee

কর্মে নিযুক্তি ব্যক্তি.

Chinese word for Appointee


Dutch word for Appointee


French word for Appointee

personne nommée.

German word for Appointee


Greek word for Appointee


Italian word for Appointee


Japanese word for Appointee


Javanese word for Appointee

Sing ditunjuk.

Korean word for Appointee

임명된 사람.

Malay word for Appointee


Marathi word for Appointee

नियुक्त व्यक्ती.

Norwegian word for Appointee


Polish word for Appointee


Portuguese word for Appointee


Romanian word for Appointee


Russian word for Appointee


Spanish word for Appointee

persona nombrada.

Swedish word for Appointee


Tamil word for Appointee


Turkish word for Appointee

atanan kimse.

Ukrainian word for Appointee


Vietnamese word for Appointee

người được bổ nhiệm.