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Correct spelling: appointees

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apointees, apponties.


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Examples of usage for appointees:

  1. Such a test was not inappropriate in the earlier days, when appointments were made by nomination and the object of the examination was simply to eliminate individual appointees who were unfit for their duties; but it was continued long after the system of open competition, with its crowd of eager young candidates almost devoid of actual commercial training, had brought in a very different state of things. "The Government of England (Vol. I)" , A. Lawrence Lowell.

Rhymes for appointees:

  1. absentees, amputees, annamese, balinese, cantonese, ccs, conferees, designees, detainees, devotees, disagrees, enlistees, enrollees, escapees, expertise, franchisees, guarantees, guaranties, honorees, inductees, internees, japanese, javanese, journalese, licensees, nepalese, nominees, overseas, referees, retirees, returnees, siamese, sinhalese, sudanese, taiwanese, timorese.
  2. abts, indochinese, interviewees, stds.
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