How To Spell appropriate?

Correct spelling: appropriate

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What is the definition of appropriate?

  1. appropriate for achieving a particular end; implies a lack of concern for fairness

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What are the rhymes for appropriate?

  1. expropriate;
  2. misappropriate, inappropriate;

What are the translations for appropriate?

Afrikaans word for Appropriate


Arabic word for Appropriate


Chinese words for Appropriate

适当的, 切合, 合宜, 适度, 批款, 允宜, 恰如其份, 偷取.

French words for Appropriate

saisir, correct, voulu, convenable, acceptable, convenir, affecter, pertinent, prendre, juste, opportun, applicable, s'approprier, satisfaisant, concernés, idoine, propres, compétentes, concernée, voulue, voulues, bien choisi, approprier.

German words for Appropriate

bestimmen, bereitstellen, dementsprechend, Recht, geeignet, angemessen, entsprechend, angebracht, passend, bewilligen, zuweisen, sich zu eigen machen, sich bemächtigen, sinnvoll, zutreffend, zuständig, zweckmäßig, richtig, sachgerecht, sachgemäß, adäquat, zumutbar, zweckdienlich, probat, treffend, dienlich, bedarfsgerecht, zugehörig, zugehörend, dazugehörig, zweckentsprechend, sinnig, sich aneignen.

Greek word for Appropriate


Hindi word for Appropriate


Italian words for Appropriate

appropriato, adatto, adeguata, adeguati, adeguate, corretta.

Japanese words for Appropriate

適切, 適宜, 私する, 相応しい, につかわしい, わたくしする, 振向ける, 其れ相応, 似付かわしい, ふりむける, ごうもくてきてき, ごうもくてき, てきせつ, 似つかわしい, 振り向ける, 合目的, 合目的的, てきぎ, 適切な.

Javanese word for Appropriate


Korean word for Appropriate


Malay word for Appropriate


Norwegian word for Appropriate


Polish words for Appropriate

właściwy, odpowiedni, stosowny, adekwatny.

Portuguese words for Appropriate

adequado, apropriado, bom, eficaz, relevantes, aptos, idóneo, correcta, adaptadas, adaptada.

Romanian word for Appropriate


Russian words for Appropriate

соответствующий, надлежащий, подходящий, уместный.

Spanish words for Appropriate

correcto, adecuado, apto, apropiado, indicado, debido, asignar, justo, oportuno, destinar, pertinente, pertinentes, relevante, correspondiente, apropiadas, competente, apropiarse de, suficiente, conveniente, aplicable, respectivo, acorde, apropiados, procedente, apropiarse.

Swedish word for Appropriate


Tamil word for Appropriate


Turkish word for Appropriate


Ukrainian word for Appropriate


Vietnamese word for Appropriate

thích hợp.