How To Spell apropos?

Correct spelling: apropos

What is the definition of apropos?

  1. of an appropriate or pertinent nature

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What are the usage examples for apropos?

  1. Before closing this chapter, and apropos of the subject of Siberia, let us say a few words more. – Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia by Maturin M. Ballou
  2. " Many a fair precept in poetry," says Dryden apropos of Roscommon's rules for translation, " is like a seeming demonstration in the mathematics, very specious in the diagram, but failing in the mechanic operation." – Early Theories of Translation by Flora Ross Amos

What are the rhymes for apropos?

  1. jo, though, so-so, flo, chau, low, loe, row, outgrow, gloe, bro, cabo, fro, chateau, cloe, uno, roe, loh, stowe, nau, glow, joe, cousteau, loew, renaud, bestow, au, tallyho, tyo, goh, tableau, dau, tarot, cho, quo, koh, slow, beaux, mow, roh, yau, yoe, poe, goe, tso, papo, moe, sloe, strow, nouveau, munro, plateau, thoreau, margaux, rideau, hoh, rondeau, giraud, so, gau, bio, loewe, escrow, co, hello, throw, poh, woe, boe, toe, bow, thibault, defoe, lowe, show, ngo, rho, trow, grow, vo, hoe, oh, coe, peugeot, forgo, yo, owe, doe, foe, ro, mo, beau, kayo, doh, mau, devaux, below, bordeaux, snow, bowe, lo, zoh, wo, crow, know, forego, perot, go, joh, escoe, noh, inco, cro, whoa, gro, stow, dough, monroe, sew, glo, flow, o', aux, kyo, pro, chateaux, ho, truffaut, sow, marceau, noe, tableaux, gogh, luo, ko, plough, blow, rouleau, sgro, yoh, turbot, rowe, tow, bo, floe, undergo, kowtow, eau, ow, tho;
  2. although, pernod, miro, arnault, ago, aglow, arnaud, renault;
  3. overflow, ivo, taekwondo, eeo, imo;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for apropos?

Arabic word for Apropos


Bengali word for Apropos


Chinese word for Apropos


French words for Apropos

opportun, propos.

German words for Apropos

angemessen, apropos.

Greek word for Apropos


Japanese word for Apropos


Korean word for Apropos


Marathi word for Apropos


Tamil word for Apropos


Turkish word for Apropos


Vietnamese word for Apropos

thích nghi.